Pinterest Strategy for TpT sellers

Struggling to figure out how to use Pinterest marketing for your TpT store?

Pinterest marketing can be confusing especially if you’ve read all the things and you just need someone to break it all down. You don’t want anyone’s guidance, you want an expert opinion.

Someone who has seen it all and knows the data as it relates to Teachers Pay Teachers. A place where you can ask the “dumb questions” (for the record, there are none), and just make sure you’re doing Pinterest marketing the right way. 

We’re all in with you. Coaching and consults have played a huge role in the success of Simple Pin and we’ve experienced firsthand what one hour can do to accelerate learning. Especially with one of our team members who has worked with several TpT accounts. 

Book a call with our senior team member, Amy. She runs our TpT team and has over 4 years of experience with Pinterest marketing and TpT sellers.

Ask your questions, take the notes and she’ll give you a roadmap for Pinterest marketing in just one hour.   

Let’s dive deep into Pinterest marketing together

Here’s how it works. You book a 1-hour video consultation with Amy (complete the form below) and we hop onto the call and cover what’s outlined below:

  1. Evaluation of your current Pinterest strategy (Pinterest ads strategy not included)
  2. A complete review of your Pinterest profile
  3. Keyword suggestions for board titles
  4. Review of your pinnable images and tips for creating images that capture the pinner’s attention, especially as it pertains to sales.
  5. Tips for optimizing your website for Pinterest traffic
  6. Strategies for growing your email list using Pinterest
  7. Ideas to generate more revenue from your affiliate promotions, products, etc.
  8. At least 3 action items for you to implement immediately, or if you have a team, get them to do it. 
  9. Zoom call recorded for the opportunity to re-watch call.

Book your call with us!

$397 – limited number of spots available per month