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The Simple Pin Podcast is a podcast dedicated to helping you learn how to use Pinterest for business growth. With over 250 episodes and over 1.5 million downloads, we’re dedicated to helping you understand Pinterest in a way that grows your business and brings you more clients, customers, sales, and readers. 

You’ll hear the latest updates, trends, and tips for Pinterest marketing.

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“I want to take a minute to thank you. I started listening to your podcast not long after you began. So you might say in some ways we have grown together in the blog world. Your advice, inspiration and encouragement has helped me achieve my goals. Last year was my best year yet. I reached the goal of over a million views on my blog and I thank you for that along with a few others.”

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Life on Summerhill

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“Let me just start by saying I LOVE your podcast! I came across it a few months back, and you inspired me not to give up on Pinterest, and sister, let me tell you…I was long gone. It just felt like I was throwing spaghetti to the wall and hoping it would stick. I would see these pins with an astronomical amount of repins, and look at my dinky number of 2…or 0, and just felt SO discouraged. So I stopped trying.

Then came your podcast! Going into Pinterest with a strategy, rather than just hoping for a pin to go viral, made it SO much better, and provided me with faith in my own work. I’m not any sort of Pinterest success story, but I am putting your advice to practice. I’m back on Pinterest, I’m doing my best to create aesthetic/eye-catching pins, creating boards for my audience, trying to be valuable to them and using SEO tactics recommended by you. I believe that eventually, my work on this platform will flourish.”

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kelly anthony

Podcast Listener

“I just wanted to drop a note and say that I have listened to each and every one of your podcasts, and I have been recommending them to anyone in the blogging community. I have seen my blog traffic from Pinterest go from 4 per month to 3421 this month after applying many of the techniques that you talk about in your podcasts (that is 3 months worth of growth). I have tried to listen to other people’s podcasts, but no one is as inspiring as you and your guests.”

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stephanie ray

Podcast Listener

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