1-hour Pinterest strategy call with the Simple Pin team.

Let us help you create a smart, no-frills Pinterest marketing strategy for your business.

Struggling to figure out Pinterest?

we’re here to help!

Pinterest marketing can be confusing and overwhelming.

You want someone to break it down in simple terms.

You want an expert to guide and inform you. Someone who has seen it all and knows the data.

A place where you can ask all your questions, and make sure you’re on the right track.

We’re all in with you.

Here at Simple Pin Media, we’ve experienced first hand what just one hour can do for your business.

Book a call with one of our senior team members, with years of Pinterest marketing experience under their belts. Ask your questions, take your notes, and leave with a Pinterest marketing roadmap for YOUR business in just one hour.

We can cut through all the noise and Pinterest chatter, and provide specific answers to problems unique to your business and brand.

How does that sound?

Let’s dive deep into Pinterest marketing together

and create a plan to grow your business without leaving you OVERWHELMED

How does it work?

You book a 1-hour video consultation with our team in the niche that fits you best.

If you are a product seller or a TpT seller, we have specific call options for you. Otherwise, we have the option for a general strategy call – perfect for you if you aren’t quite sure where you fit.

If you’re ready to book, click here. Otherwise, scroll down for more detailed information!

More information

the different types of calls:

E-commerce Strategy Call

Perfect for physical and digital shop owners

Teachers Pay Teachers Strategy Call

Perfect for those who own and operate TpT shops

Pinterest Ads Consult Call

Perfect for those running Pinterest ads (1-hour call = $497)


  1. Evaluation of your current Pinterest marketing strategy (Pinterest ads strategy not included)
  2. A complete review of your Pinterest profile
  3. Keyword suggestions for board titles
  4. Review of your pinnable images and tips for creating images that capture the pinner’s attention
  5. Tips for optimizing your website for Pinterest traffic
  6. Strategies for growing your email list using Pinterest
  7. Ideas to generate more revenue from your affiliate promotions, products, etc.
  8. At least 3 action items for you to implement immediately, or if you have a team, get them to do it. 
  9. Zoom call recorded for the opportunity to re-watch call.

If you REALLY aren’t sure and want to double check before booking,
send us an email at hello@simplepinmedia.com and we can help you out.

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Book your call with us!

$397 – limited number of spots available per month

If you’re not quite ready for a strategy call, check out our Pinterest Marketing Blueprint mini-course.
Less than $50 and will help you set up a strong foundation so you’re ready to take the next steps to grow your business!