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Corporate Pinterest Services

Are you a well-known and established brand that most people would recognize? Does your team struggle with knowing how to leverage the power of Pinterest? Do you want to understand exactly how to reach your target audience on Pinterest? We can help!

Many of our corporate clients are looking for one of two service options — either consulting/training their team or taking over their Pinterest management completely. Here’s what’s included in those options:

Corporate Pinterest Consultation

  • Two 45-minute calls with the social media team
  • Evaluation of current Pinterest strategy
  • A complete Pinterest profile review to generate action steps to update branding
  • Keyword suggestions for board titles
  • Review of pinnable images and tips for creating images that capture the pinner’s attention
  • Tips for optimizing the website for Pinterest traffic
  • Strategies for growing an email list using Pinterest

Corporate Monthly Pinterest Management

Perfect for the corporate social media team that doesn’t want to management Pinterest, but would rather focus on other areas of social media. We will work on a monthly basis with your team to communicate and understand brand needs:

  • 600 pins per month (20 pins per day)
  • Initial 60-minute Zoom video chat to discuss strategy
  • Monthly reports detailing progress
  • Weekly email support
  • Images created upon request (limited to 20 per month)
  • Website optimization tips & email list-building ideas
  • Monthly call to touch base regarding strategy & coaching team
  • Promoted Pin consultation & management (does not include advertising budget)

We require a 6-month contract and payment to be made up front for the first 3 months of service (billed tri-monthly after that).

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