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    Pinterest Ads can feel confusing and hard to manage

    We’ve heard from several business owners that the leap into Pinterest Ads feels disorienting, confusing, and overwhelming. Leading them to jump ship on the idea of Pinterest ads altogether.

    We want to break down that barrier and start back at the beginning to eliminate any confusion you might have about Pinterest Ads. To dive into the what, why, and how you can launch your first Pinterest ad without feeling like you’re jumping into the pool’s deep end without knowing how to swim.

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    Here’s What you’ll learn in the Pinterest Ad video series

    • Video #1 – What are Pinterest Ads? Plus, some details on what results people are getting running ads.
    • Video #2 – Learn about the types of Pinterest ads available and how they work. You’ll also gain an understanding of the Pinterest funnel and how it works.
    • Video #3 – What product, offer, and mindset do you need before you run your first Pinterest Ad campaign?
    • Video #4 – How to prep, research, and create the ideal image that gets clicks on your first Pinterest Ad.

    You might be wondering…do Pinterest ads even work?

    Here’s the proof!

    One of our recent clients had a famous actress put in a huge order after she clicked on one of our designed ads. I’d call that a win. But if you need something that happens more often then one of our gourmet products client had a 13x ROAS in just 6 months. Our speciality gifts clients drew $17,000 in new revenue in just 3 months!

    Need just one more? A seller of specialty jewelry got 20X ROAS in just one month!

    Let’s see what we can do to make these success stories happen for your small business.

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    Are you ready for Pinterest advertising?

    Will you land a celebrity order with your ads?

    Maybe? Maybe not?

    But if you never test them out you’ll never know. And want to make sure while you’re testing them out you know exactly what you’re doing. No confusion. No frustration. Just a clear path towards success.

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