How Simple Pin clients are growing

Every Pinterest account is unique with it’s followers, niche and content. We can’t apply what someone else is doing successfully and expect it to work on each account. It takes investigative work into analytics, a detailed strategy and trial and error. At Simple Pin we test, test, test and test some more. Not to share our ‘one-hit wonder’ details but to give us an idea of each accounts unique culture of followers and how we can tweak that strategy to fit other accounts.

Here’s how some of our accounts have grown and what type of strategy we employ on each one to help them grow.

Kelly {Redefined Mom} — Kelly is one of our favorite test accounts and one where we have seen the most growth. Simple Pin was approached by Kelly looking for new Pinterest management with two expectations — increased page views and follower numbers. She was also planning for a re-branding! We examined the existing content and determined what should be updated to reflect the new brand image. Then got to work with the Max Maintenance package and collaborated an extended pinning plan with her existing VA’s to curate the best content possible for the new brand. Her account grew immediately at an astounding 25% follower growth rate* and page views have increased too, even with the switch to Smart Feed.

Two months ago we dug into her account with a full review of the who, what, when, where and why. In addition, we wanted to test the theory that less boards were better. We took her boards from 70 to 55. We targeted the best boards both her boards and group boards. She did lose some followers during this time but the growth ever since has rebounded her numbers and then some. She’s gaining almost 100 per day. We strategically pin content that we know will resonate with her followers and Kelly pins organically. We’re quickly becoming big fans of less boards with a stronger target audience.

Angela {Frugal Living NW} — We started with the Max package in early 2013 with just under 4k followers. Growth was fast and furious with over 1000 followers per month. Her content was awesome and we had already seen some posts go viral on Pinterest. We gave her account a unique look of frugal living, food with a touch of homemaking. In the first five months of active pinning her account grew by almost 6,000 followers and continued to growth at a steady growth rate of 10%. Once Smart Feed was introduced we saw it slow to 2-5%. We added 10 more pins via one of her team members to compliment what Simple Pin was doing and growth has held steady. Pinterest traffic represents 27% of her traffic and contributes a healthy dose of ad income every month.

Heather {Queen Bee Coupons} — Heather was one of our first beta clients with only 4500k followers. She is one of the few that has escaped the clutches of the dreaded Facebook algorithm change so it’s where most of her social traffic comes from. We started with the Max package so she could completely focus on Facebook and content creation. Pinterest was a great fit for her recipe and article content, which she only creates 1x per month. The Max package created a steady stream of traffic and is #3 referral. Page views have increased by 100,000* over last year’s numbers and she hasn’t had to worry a bit about managing her account.

Stephanie {Couponing 101 & Real Food Enthusiast– Stephanie needed help with two websites that operated under the same Pinterest account. Pinning on her own was inconsistent and not driving the page views she needed. Simple Pin took over in August and page views more than doubled and follower numbers are growing steadily*. She is freed up to work on projects for both websites.

Jamie {My Baking Addiction} – Jamie is a teacher and runs a wildly successful food blog. The holidays were approaching as well as several sponsored posts. Time was slim and she was only pinning 1-3 times per day. She needed to take advantage of the holiday Pinterest traffic and 1-3 pins per day wasn’t going to work. Our Max Maintenance package came to the rescue and her content is getting seen multiple times a day. She is busy whipping up some deliciousness and taking gorgeous photos.

Liz {Hoosier Homemade} — Liz came to Simple Pin feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work on her plate. She was active on Pinterest and was able to schedule her posts but needed to free up her schedule to focus more on content creation and monetization. We implemented her existing plan by customizing the Max Maintenance package to adjust to her pinning schedule with a higher number of pins. Her follower numbers have continued to grow and has since had a viral pin with over 1 million page views*. Now she has more time to create new crafts and projects without the worry of scheduling out her pins.

Pinterest pin for Homemade Holiday Christmas gift from Hoosier Homemade.

*Simple Pin does not guarantee this growth for all accounts. Growth is affected by follower size and content creation by the website owner.

What Simple Pin Clients are Saying

Kate has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level. Her results-driven methods have increased our traffic many times over, and I love that I don’t have to micromanage performance. Creating content is my strong suit. Getting it OUT THERE for the world to see is what Kate does best. She’s the expert! — Chelsea — Someday I’ll Learn

I wanted to grow my Pinterest following and traffic to my site. Simple Pin has done both of those things. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and detail oriented. Plus, Simple Pin is willing to work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your site and readers. — Kelly — Redefined Mom

Before I started working with Simple Pin Media, I had basically never seen Pinterest, but I knew it was important. And I was looking for more traffic to my blog. So I signed up with Kate, and within a month I was seeing a 50% increase in web traffic. I’m still not sure what magic she was doing, but it worked. She is effective and pleasant and easy to work with, and I highly recommend her. — Paul Gerald

I hired Kate to breathe life into my Pinterest account, optimize my pins, schedule and pin great content. Basically be my Pinterest superstar. I just didn’t have the time or energy to do it. I’ve gained more than 10k followers and my traffic from Pinterest has steadily grown. Simple Pin is reliable, organized and smart about what type of content drives traffic and is meaningful for my audience. They can see the big picture recommending suggested topics long before the Evergreen content is needed. If you want to grow your Pinterest traffic, Simple Pin is a must. — Heather — Queen Bee Coupons

I hired Simple Pin media to help me increase my Pinterest followers, pin items and allow me to concentrate on other areas of my business. Since then my Pinterest website referrals have increased daily and my followers have almost tripled. Simple Pin had ideas on how to increase traffic to some of my posts and advertised my group boards in several forums, helping me increase the followers and contributors. Simple Pin services have been invaluable to my business and time management. — Karen — Saving the Family Money

Simple Pin has been managing my page for almost 2 years now. I had very little time to focus on Pinterest and had wanted to put my efforts into creating more content for my readers. During the last year my followers have tripled and my ad revenue is up. And I haven’t had to do much except focus on creating awesome content for them to pin. — Angela — Frugal Living NW

As a busy website owner, I just didn’t have the time I needed to make the most of Pinterest. Simple Pin has not only kept my engagement steady, they have increased it! They revamped my boards to align more closely with my brand and have curated relevant, compelling content. They networked for me by getting me on several large group boards which has brought new eyes to my pins and content. Simple Pin has also given me helpful feedback on how to develop content and images that attract more views and provided guidance on what type of content to develop and when. It’s clear they have their finger on the pulse of Pinterest. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your Pinterest marketing plan, I can’t recommend Simple Pin enough! They are friendly, professional and deliver. Angela — The Coupon Project

*Simple Pin does not guarantee this growth for all accounts. Growth is affected by follower size and content creation by the website owner.