Pinterest graphic with text overlay "5 Pinterest tips to keep it simple and consistent."

Five easy tips for Pinterest

Pin Smart — Make sure you are actively pinning everyday. Timing doesn’t matter as much with Smart Feed. What matters more is that you are active part of the community.

Pin within the trends — Don’t pin a Christmas pin in the middle of May. Make sure that the content you are pinning is relevant to what followers are searching for.

Comment, Like and Re-pin Pins — Make sure you are commenting on pins that you enjoy and liking them with the little heart located in the upper right corner of the pins. When you comment or like, your name shows up in the notification feed of that persons pin getting you noticed. Share the love to your fellow pinners by repinning at least 3 pins per day. This will also get you noticed in the pinners notification feed.

Active boards on top — When followers come to your page they will look at the top 5 boards first. Make sure those boards fit within your brand and they are full (30+ pins). Empty boards give the impression that you are not active.

Add a call to action on your pins and photos — Don’t leave your descriptions plain jane. Make sure they tell the pinner exactly what they post is about, add some personality and tell them what to do with the pin — a call to action! Examples: Pin this for Summer, Pin this now for next week’s dinner, Pin this for your weekend getaway, etc.

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