Want the key to more growth on Pinterest?

Get the Pinterest Insights Dashboard! 

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This is the best $47 I've spent on my blog to date. Within 5 minutes of opening the dashboard for the first time, I was able to start taking actionable steps, including the following: 
1) Making sure my Top Posts are fully SEO optimized and updated with the latest content and affiliate links. 2) Comparing the details on page two to my avatar and filling in missing data in order to create targeted posts in the future.

In the past, when I'd hear terms like "dashboard" or "analytics" I used to shut down. I didn't consider myself a "numbers person" and didn't know where to look in Google Analytics for the right information and - worse yet - I didn't know how to apply the information I was finding to my business. But to me, this dashboard isn't even about "numbers." It's more of targeted to-do list for better content creation that is sure to resonate with my readers. At a glance, I can get the information I need and then get back to work and know I'm not wasting my time or second-guessing myself.

- Natalie Menke -- nataliemenke.com -

your analytics are the key to more traffic & conversions! 

  • Know what pins are driving the most traffic
  • Get to know your Pinterest audience
  • Long or short Pins - Learn which designs are best for your audience.
  • Evaluate your year-over-year growth
  • Know if your Pin templates are actually working.

*One-time set up takes less than 10 minutes! It uses info from Google Analytics to create a tailored version of your analytics. It's perfect for people who get bogged down by all the information and just want the main data they need.

Note --> This will not work with G4, the latest version of Google Analytics, you must have the standard GA installed.

What is the Pinterest Insights Dashboard?

An analytics dashboard that brings all the stats and actionable tips to you with one click so you can make smart Pinterest business decisions. 

No more guessing on what content to create or throwing darts on what pins to pins, you can see EXACTLY what your audience is interested just by opening up your dashboard. 

Image of traffic insights

“I bought this after I listened to this month's coaching call + podcast and it's gold!!! When Jennifer talked about the dashboard and how it takes the guesswork out of things so you'd know where to focus -- I was SOLD. 

Yes, that was one of my major "pain points." I really love the simplicity of the dashboard and how easy it is to see what to work on/update next.

I've been one to avoid the numbers, so I see this being a game-changer for me.”

- Pam Odd -- Simple Pin Collective Student -

Quickly see the breakdown of your Pinterest audience:

  • Interests,
  • Age,
  • Devices, and
  • Gender.

Plus year-over-year comparison so you know when you're actually down and not just a typical seasonal low. 

Top posts, top referring pins, posts from communities and so much more! 

This is a similar dashboard we use at Simple Pin Media for all of our clients. Now you get to see some of what we report to them each and every month. Plus, we're giving you simple, actionable tips on each page of the dashboard.

“Personal experience: Google Analytics totally overwhelms me, the first time I used the Google Data Studio dashboard, I'm pretty sure I heard angel's singing. It's just straight to the point, which I really appreciate”

- SPM team member -


How do I get access to the dashboard?

Right after you purchase, you'll receive an email from me with instructions and a video on how to get your dashboard connected. Please follow the instructions to get up and running within 10 minutes. 

Do I need to be connected to Google Analytics?

Yes. Your site will need to be connected to Google Analytics (not just G4). Our instruction video will walk you through how to connect your Google Analytics to Google Data Studio. 

What is Google Data Studio?

It's a free Google program that allows you to build interactive dashboards and automated reports so you can make smart business decisions. It's the platform where we've created the Pinterest Insights dashboard. 

Will this work with G4, the latest version?

No, you must have the universal analytics code installed on your site. You can still add G4 but the data will not pull into Google Data Studio. We recommend you keep UA and G4 installed to get the best of both worlds, just remember you need UA for this dashboard to work. 

Who had this idea for a dashboard?

Hi! I'm Kate. Back in 2014 I started Pinterest management company to help business owners leverage Pinterest for growth. While managing for clients I realized I needed quick and easy access to analytics. This would allow me to create a targeted Pinterest strategy. But I didn't want to dig for hours. I needed something at my fingertips to give me all the Pinterest data I needed. The dashboard idea was born. After a few iterations we have our best dashboard yet -- the Pinterest Insights dashboard built through Google Data Studio.

Now you can have the same access to information that helps us build Pinterest strategies for our clients every day.

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