Despite what you may be hearing in the Facebook threads, it’s vital to undertstand why email marketing is important for your business — in fact, it’s vital!

I keep seeing the emails, Facebook Live videos, and ‘gurus’ who declare that

Email marketing is dead! People don’t open their emails so just stop focusing on that as a marketing strategy.

I’m not sure what these people are doing, but for me, email marketing is very much alive and helping me to grow my business. Here’s how it’s alive and how I’m doing it.

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First, my email list has a purpose. I’m not just building numbers so I can give myself a high-five every time I log into my ConvertKit account. I’m curating it to build conversation and community. Every Monday or Tuesday, I log into my account to write a very intentional email. This email is for those people who want more. More of me, more Pinterest tips, more business advice and quicker access to the resources I find valuable. No fluff, no hiding behind a curtain to make you want more, just me, my email list and the words that are on my mind for the week.

I want my email subscribers to receive the best Pinterest marketing information that will grow their business. I want them to understand that I feel their Pinterest marketing pains and to share with them when something is working or not working in the Pinterest ecosystem. The purpose of my emails is to teach in simple actionable tips, provide resources and to share some of the “behind the scenes” aspects of my business.

Second, I’m consistent. Every Wednesday at 5 am Eastern. Consistency matters and people come to depend on the delivery of that item at that time. Give them that.

Third, I have a plan for making it easy for them to join my list. How? I give away some valuable content for FREE. Lead magnet, freebie, opt-in, freemium, etc. It goes by many names. The goal is to say “thanks for signing up for my list. Here’s something awesome.”

Our Simple Pin Pinterest Planner is one that our community anticipates every year. I honestly love to give people something so helpful they can’t believe it’s free. You should know that I didn’t start out with something big. I started with a very simple PDF with five Pinterest tips. It was less than stellar but it was a start. And in the words of Jon Acuff, “80% done is better than 100% not done and in your head.”

Laptop, coffee, pencil, and paper.

Fourth, I welcome everyone who joins my email list with a custom-built welcome email sequence in ConvertKit. A series of five emails is dripped out over a month and tells them more about me and why they should stick around. I tell them where they can find the most useful stuff on my site and ask them how I can help. And I do tell them about my products because I created them to be helpful! Why create something and never tell people about it?

Of course, none of my email marketing efforts would be possible without an effective email service provider. I’ve tried MadMimi, Get Response, and ConvertKit and I absolutely LOVE ConvertKit. It’s been the one that I “get”. I’m not techy, I need the interface to be intuitive, and I want to be able to segment my list easily so I can talk to the various sections of my audience and client lists.

I have friends who have switched from big name email service providers to ConvertKit just because it’s easier to understand. There are so many aspects of our business that are confusing (hello, Facebook ads, I’m looking at you!) that I don’t need another service that involves a steep learning curve.

If you’re looking to find the perfect email provider that will help make email marketing easier, I highly recommend  ConvertKit!

Final note for you, an email service provider that you love is key, but your writing is as well. Kate Doster of Inbox Besties has taught me so much about how to write to your ideal reader. To really get into their brains and understand their pain points. Her Email Marketing Fairy templates are straight amazing and will save you SO.MUCH.TIME! Pick up the 50+ email templates now and begin writing to serve your people. 


  1. Hello Kate,

    Greta tips here 🙂

    Indeed e-mail marketing is one of the most effective way to interact with our clients and to attract more and more traffic to our blogs.

    Frankly speaking I have never focused on building my e-mail list to my full potential.
    I am pinning down these tips so that I can make use to this in future.

    Thanks for the share.


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