Idea Pins are here to stay on Pinterest, so it’s time to come up with an Idea Pin content planning framework to keep yourself from burning out and feeling overwhelmed with this new form of marketing.

what is an Idea Pin?

These pins were released in 2020 as a way to keep users on the platform longer. A Pinterest user tends to click off the platform when they see an idea or product they like.

Idea Pins show up in the Pinterest feed, based around a product you sell, a DIY project, a recipe the pinner can make, and more. They show features of your content and how it can help the pinner.

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why should you use Idea Pins?

Idea Pins are part of a suite of options on the platform – Pinterest ads, video pins, static or traditional pins, and Idea Pins.

Using Idea Pins as part of your strategy can help you find your perfect person in a different way. Pinterest prioritizes them and is telling us they’re important, so we use them. Simple as that.

How do you come up with content ideas?

Enter our new free Idea Pin Content Planning Worksheet. The goal with this worksheet is to help you streamline your process and cut down on the amount of time you’re spending on Pinterest.

There are 4 parts to the worksheet:

  • Space to brainstorm content ideas
  • How to categorize your ideas based on where your ideal customer is in their journey
  • Storyboarding space to lay out your content
  • Calendar pages to plan out your content

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Grab your Idea Pin Content Planning Worksheet here.

I hope this worksheet is a helpful tool and guide and I’d love to see what you come up with! Share with us in Instagram DMs or tag us @simplepinmedia.

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  1. Hi! Is it possible to have too MANY idea pins? I have so many and am finding it really slows down the scroll on my Pinterest page. Should I be deleting old ones? Or ones that are not getting any traffic.


  2. Great question, Carlee! We don’t think too many Idea Pins is a problem on Pinterest, and we also don’t recommend deleting the old ones as Idea Pins can pick up traction weeks after they are published.

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