Pinterest is all about early planning. The pinner often plans at least 3-6 months in advance before an event. Some of those who are a little late in planning will visit the platform about a month before to look for ideas. Summer is no exception – people want to take advantage of vacation, no school, the warm weather, and the need to explore. In this episode, we’re helping you plan for your 2024 summer marketing.

Here at Simple Pin, we have a weekly education report that is shared with our whole team each Monday morning. These reports include quick tips, article recaps from Pinterest, and other helpful information about what’s happening on the internet. Today Kate is walking you through one of our recent weekly educations that focused on summer marketing trends for Pinterest. This is such a good way to know how to plan and prepare for the seasons.

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Summer Trends on Pinterest

Pinterest is a place where people go to start dreaming and planning for their summer travel. Eight out of ten pinners go to Pinterest when planning their summer vacations. Pinterest recently released an article highlighting the top trends this summer and we are breaking them down for you here.

Wellness Travel – Pinterest has recently seen an uptick in searches for “wellness travel”. It seems people are in need of more quiet, secluded, and nourishing vacations these days.

Adventure Travel – For the people who are seeking a reconnection with nature and time away. Searches include keywords: “mountaineering”, “trekking”, “adventure camping”, or “hiking a trail”.

Quiet Life Travel – A little R&R is always good for the soul. Rest and relaxation is taking on a whole new meaning with solo trips, quiet destinations, and countryside retreats. Some keywords include: “wellness retreat”, “aesthetic, “cabin in the mountains”, “forest walk”, “national park”, and “solo travel”.

Mysterious places – A desire to explore the unexplored and a quest for wonder. Searches include: “mysterious places on earth”, “exploring abandoned places”, and “lost palaces in ancient cities”.

Even if you aren’t a travel blogger, you can still find ways to thread the needle to include some of these keywords in your content. Our team will often see if there is a single piece of content from a creator that could fit into one of those categories. Or maybe there is an older piece content where you touch this topic but didn’t necessarily use these keywords… time to update it!

Pinterest shares reports like this about once a month. They can be really helpful in finding new keywords to use for your older content or be a great source of content creation ideas. We highly encourage you to stay up to date on Pinterest news and trends as a way to plan well.

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Pinterest Summer Travel Report 2024

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