Wondering how to use Pinterest for Etsy traffic? Pinterest is a great resource to use if you are an Etsy seller. While there have been rumors that Pinterest doesn’t like Etsy products, the platform has really stepped up it’s game when it comes to serving all eCommerce users.

So let’s jump into a Pinterest marketing strategy for Etsy products.

Etsy for Pinterest Strategy

So how does one navigate all the differences between Etsy and other eCommerce shops on Pinterest?

The number one difference is that Shopify store owners can connect their shop and claim their website, while Etsy sellers can’t connect their Etsy shop on Pinterest. Using a third party platform like Etsy is super convenient because it makes things really easy for the seller – it’s a plug and play. But the downfall is, you can’t get access to a lot of the connections that Pinterest provides. Product sellers that use Etsy don’t own the website, therefore they can’t claim it like a shop owner can.

So if you’re using Pinterest for Etsy, let’s break down a few things you can do to optimize things to make sure you get in front of Pinterest users.

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Images for Etsy Products

If you are an Etsy seller, it is best to pin your Etsy listings and create separate images. We always suggest using Canva for an easy and free way to create customized branded images. Be mindful when creating images for your Etsy products to keep them clean and simple. Don’t clutter it with too many words, choose hard to read fonts, and use poor images of your products. Remember that your goal is to create images that will entice the pinner to click.

Quick tip: Go search for other pins from Etsy in your niche. See what other sellers are creating and what images make you want to click. Use those as inspiration for creating your own product pins.

Use The Right Keywords

A lot of people just pin the description that comes with the Etsy listing. The problem is, those aren’t optimized for Pinterest. Most of the time they are wayyyyy too long. Write your descriptions using keyword optimization. Pinterest is a search and discovery platform, and because of that the algorithm pays close attention to your descriptions. So it’s important to know that your keywords on Etsy might be different than your keywords on Pinterest.

There’s lots of tools you can use to find your Pinterest keywords. The trends tool, the guided search, and looking at other top pins in your niche are great ways to research. Try putting your Etsy keywords in to see what populates on Pinterest. If it matches, great! But if it doesn’t, try small variations of those words. It’s okay to go a little bit outside of your norm here.

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Should Video Be In Your PINTEREST for Etsy Strategy?

Video on Pinterest is having a weird moment. There is video that works really well for some clients and video that doesn’t work well for others. So if you’re creating an Etsy strategy, focus on your static pins first. Then, if you have a solid strategy with those, work on adding in some short form video. Maybe one or two videos a week. You could show before and afters. You could show the elements of your product. You could show a lot of different aspects of it.

Link, Link, Link!

Linking is probably one of the most important things you can do as an Etsy seller on Pinterest. Link to your product, not a category page. Pinterest works best when it’s linked to a very specific product page. If a pinner is searching for graduation banners, they want to be taken to the exact one in the picture, not your whole bank of them.

Be Consistent

Like with any Pinterest marketing strategy, a major key to success is consistency. It’s so important to remain consistent, even if you don’t have much to pin. If all you have is a few products, focus on pinning those consistently. In order to make them stretch, highlight different angles of the product and their different benefits.

If you have any questions about Pinterest for Etsy marketing, leave a comment below or DM us on Instagram. We always love hearing from our listeners!

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