Welcome to part two of our conversation about Pinterest ads. In this episode, we are talking about what a Pinterest ads manager does. But before we get to that, today is a big day… Not only is this the second part of a series on Pinterest ads, but it also happens to be our 350th episode! Wow. Huge thanks to everyone who has listened, subscribed and kept up with our podcast. We are so thankful for all our listeners!

Last week we covered how to set yourself up for success when running Pinterest ads. Today, we are joined again by our Simple Pin Ads Director, Erin. She helps us understand what exactly a Pinterest ads manager does and why they are important when running ads on Pinterest.

Let’s jump into the second part of our conversation with Erin!

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What does a Pinterest ads manager do?

So you may be asking “What does a Pinterest ads manager do?” Erin shares that a good ads manager will be able to communicate well, figure out what the needs of the client are, and understand who the person is behind the product. More so than the product, service, or offer itself, knowing who the client is is key to creating a successful ad. An ads manager should be able to see the product from the client’s perspective and tailor the ad campaign to the business needs.

Communication is key. When looking to hire an ads manager make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable asking any and all questions. You want to make sure to surface what the ad manager’s vision is to make sure it aligns with your business. Ideally, you want a manager who is going to talk you through the process so you can understand what’s happened at each step.

Even though you can’t guarantee results on Pinterest, as long as the line of communication is open, you know how the ads manager is tackling certain situations. You aren’t left wondering if your account is in good hands.

Open communication also allows both parties (the client and the ads manager) to have their hands in different areas and communicate what is working well and what needs improvement. If a landing page has a faulty link or something in the strategy isn’t working well, you can work together to level things up or try something new.

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    Setting up an ad for a client

    An ads manager needs to make sure they hear the client’s voice to understand the client’s brand. This helps guide the research, the ad copy, keywords, and everything else that goes into creating a successful ad. When all the research is said and done, the ads manager will actually build and launch the campaign on Pinterest. A good ads manager will make sure the brand and product are well represented using the client’s voice.

    Running an ad on Pinterest is more than just opening up the ads dashboard and plugging in all the information. Sometimes it takes 2-4 weeks to set up a campaign. And you want to make sure when you are hiring an ads manager, you can really trust them to take care of all the nitty gritty details for you. You want them to care about every aspect of creating a campaign instead of just the technical pieces.

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    Remember, Pinterest Take Time

    No one can guarantee the success of ads because you never know what the platform is going to do, or how the people will respond to the images. It’s a lot of trial and error. Because of that, it’s important to give ads a little bit more time to work than the time you would give an organic strategy on Pinterest.

    You also have to give the pinner more time to purchase your product because Pinterest is a planning and search tool. They don’t hop on Pinterest with the idea of buying something right away. They want inspiration and ideas and are saving pins for the future. With that said, Erin suggests waiting two full weeks before an ads manager talks to the client about what’s going on with the ad since it does take a little bit of time to really figure out what’s happening. From there it is all about looking at the data, taking note of what is happening, evaluating, and then optimizing as soon as possible.

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    What To look For IN A Pinterest Ads Manager

    Often times when someone is looking to hire an ads manager, they look for someone who can be an expert in all areas (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads). However, you ideally want to hire someone who is an expert in one specific area. When looking to hire a Pinterest ads expert look for these key elements:

    • Specializes in Pinterest ads.
    • Expert who has been running ads for an extensive period of time.
    • Has worked with different types of clients and niches.
    • They are educating themselves in an ongoing way.

    Referrals and case studies are a great way to verify if someone is as good as they say they are. Where did you hear about them? Do they have data that shows what they are capable of? Do they have testimonials showcased somewhere on their website? Make sure there is information that validates they do good work and are worth the investment.

    The final thing to look for in an ads manager is whether they’re a good fit for your personality and business. A great way to find this out before hiring is by conducting a 20-to 30-minute Discovery Call. A call can give you a really good idea of personality, how they may potentially work with you, and what their communication style looks like. Knowing who you are working with and knowing if you can work with them for a long period of time, can help determine if the investment is worth it.

    Finding your perfect ads manager For Pinterest

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