Today we are covering the highlights from 2023’s Pinterest Presents, an annual online conference that was held last month. In this episode, we list our takeaways and share some hints about where Pinterest is going and how it folds into our current online climate.

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Key Takeaways from Pinterest Presents 2023

This year focused a lot on ads as a growth strategy. However, there were still some major takeaways from the organic side of things as well, so keep reading!

One of the biggest advantages Pinterest has in today’s market is being able to provide a visual shopping experience at home. Pinterest encouraged retailers to hop on the bandwagon and set up their shops ASAP.

A Full FUnnel Approach

This year they talked about a full funnel approach to marketing on Pinterest. In this funnel, pinners go through three different stages: discovery, decision, and do. In the discovery stage, people are ready to be inspired. Then they make the decision to learn. Finally, they want to actually take action and do.

With this full funnel approach in mind, there are three new optimized ad formats to reach an audience full of intent: Showcase Ads, Quiz Ads, and Premiere Spotlight Ads…

  • Showcase Ads display multiple Pins in one unit, each with clickable links to your site. Each card within a showcase ad can contain 3 clickable features with links – inviting Pinners to dive deeper into the exploration of your brand.
  • Quiz Ads allow brands to engage users with personalized quizzes containing up to three questions, helping guide them toward more tailored product recommendations and informed purchasing decisions.
  • Premiere Spotlight Ads were launched earlier this year, originally for search page takeovers. The high-impact, edge-to-edge video ad format is now available for the Pinterest home feed as well, allowing advertisers to optimize for awareness goals and capture users’ attention in the moment of discovery.

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New E-Commerce Features and Integrations

Next, they talked about some new e-commerce features and integrations. The hope is that these new features remove the barriers between product discovery and purchase. These are intended to make the check-out process quicker and smoother.

  • Mobile Deep Links allow Pinners to click directly from an ad to a product page and make checking out a breeze. Advertisers using mobile deep links are seeing a 235% lift in conversion rates and 35% lower cost-per-acquisition, compared to ads they ran before mobile deep links were available.
  • Direct Links are intended to reduce the number of clicks before checkout by including a clickable call to action on the Pin. They can be enabled within consideration, conversion, and shopping campaigns, and will expand to more formats over the next year.
  • Catalog Integration options have now been expanded to include Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce.

In addition to these features, they are testing out a new way for brands to enhance product imagery using Creative Studio. Brands can now use AI to generate product images with custom backgrounds to get lifestyle photos in an instant. Pinterest will be testing out this feature with select US advertisers later this year.

One more feature they talked about was a new pin format option for Pinners to create collages. Collages allow the user to virtually cut out various products/ideas and group them together in one Pin. This format was designed to make shopping on Pinterest more immersive and enjoyable. Collages are currently in early testing and will be rolling out to users globally in the coming months.

Pinterest Academy

The last thing they announced was Pinterest Academy, a free ads training program. They’re saying this is the ultimate Ads training for anybody that wants to run Ads. However, Pinterest tends to use language that doesn’t make sense to the small business owner. It can end up becoming extremely confusing. Oftentimes it sounds like they’re talking to a $10 million brand instead of somebody who is making anywhere between $500 and a million dollars. That being said, we do offer our own Pinterest Ads management service at Simple Pin Media. Our team of Pinterest marketers, ad strategists, and designers stay up to date with the latest changes on Pinterest, build thought-out campaigns, and strive to get the best results for YOU by making it a personalized experience.

Lots to Look Forward To

Lots of exciting things coming down the pike at Pinterest! Here at Simple Pin, we are eager to watch how these changes positively impact our clients and change the way people use Pinterest. We encourage you to go watch Pinterest Presents if you haven’t already. Let us know what your takeaways were and what feature you are the most excited about.

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