In today’s episode, we cover the Pinterest Visual Search tool and Pinterest Lens feature. We explain what these tools are and how you can leverage them for your business. This breakdown is simply to help you understand all the features and tools of the platform that you are marketing on.

So let’s learn how to use these Pinterest features to our advantage!

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Pinterest Lens and Visual Search Tool

First off, it’s worth noting that these are not necessarily marketing tools you can leverage, but they are a Pinner tool that is good for a business owner to understand. As a marketer on Pinterest, when you understand how the user uses the platform, you can better market to them, you can create better images, and ultimately get better at connecting with them where they’re at.

These features are also great for seeing how Pinterest is categorizing your product. You can search and see what Pinterest is pulling up that’s related to your content. Since both of these tools are visual-based, your images play a big role. Make sure you are following Pinterest’s Best Practices when it comes to pin images.

How To Use Pinterest Lens

The Pinterest Lens Tool helps you find products you want by pointing your camera at a particular item. For example, you’re in a cute boutique bathroom, and there’s this really cool tile on the wall. You want to know where you can get the same style of tile. You open up your Pinterest app, you hit the camera button, you snap a photo of the tile, and it will scroll the platform to see if it can find a tile pattern that closely matches.

This feature can be used for all kinds of things: recipes and ingredients, home decor, clothing, etc..

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How To Use Pinterest Visual Search

Visual Search, on the other hand, is a way for you to find and shop the items you spot on a Pinterest Pin. This tool is great to use when you are trying to find something that is not referenced in a pin. For example, you’re scrolling Pinterest and see a light fixture you like, you tap the visual search tool and viola, now you have a whole list of pins with the same product linked.

The Pinterest Visual Search also comes with “Try On”. This mini feature allows you to try on make-up items like lipstick, blush, or eye shadow.

The final piece here is to make sure your Pinterest Marketing Visual Search is up and running. To check, all you have to do is hover over one of your images and see if Pinterest categorizes it with more like this.

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Have Fun With These Features

So next time you are out and about, open up the Pinterest app, go to the search bar, open the camera, take a picture of something, and just see what Pinterest finds. If you are a physical product seller, take a picture of it and see if Pinterest is matching to your product listings.

Just play around with it. Sometimes when it comes to marketing, you just have to have fun and enjoy the platform that you’re marketing on. If you’re investing in Pinterest and know your people are there, we recommend using the tools they have to understand what’s on the other end for Pinners.

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