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Since writing my post about how to run a promoted pin campaign I’ve been flooded with questions about how to maximize the performance. You can download the top tips here but I thought it would be good to show some case studies giving you a better idea of how you can drive more traffic to your site and boost your income too.

What are promoted pins? Promoted pins are Pinterest’s paid form of advertising. They are my favorite social media advertising tool out there. The biggest benefit? Your promoted pins have the potential to drive 20% more traffic AFTER the campaign has ended. Learn the basics of Promoted Pins here.

Promoted Pin Case Study

Pinterest pin for a \"Coloring for Adults 101\" website.

The Details of the Campaign

Pinner: Amy @ Mod Podge Rocks & DIY Eye Candy
Pin: Coloring Books for Adults
Time frame: 9/30-10/4
Daily Budget: $20
CPC (cost-per-click): $.57
Total Clicks: 892
Total Budget: 145 (added more money mid-way)
Starting repin numbers: 682
Ending repin numbers: 1383
Device: mobile, mobile web, iphone
Goal: Monetary with a bonus of exposure to site

I asked Amy to send me her results so we could see what happened beyond Pinterest analytics. Did the boost actually help sales? Here’s what she said,

So it looks like my page views for that post ALONE went up 18% from Sept 30th – all of October to the period before. They continued to raise, too, through the rest of the year.

My advertising fees in Amazon went up 56%! Now, it’s hard to tell what is exactly attributed to that post, however, I will say there is a definite increase in coloring themed items – pencils, books, etc. I had the biggest November and December EVER with Amazon.

I feel like we created the perfect “storm” by promoting that pin. I think we picked an article that was useful – a resource. Then I think the pin was eye catching and long. And I think we promoted exactly at the right time before the holiday season. Since every pin takes awhile to take off . . . by the time the holidays rolled around, we had some great momentum – several months.

We did create the perfect storm by being strategic about our timing and what we chose to promote. Amy reviewed her blog post before promoting to make sure all affiliate links were set up correctly. Then we chose thirty keywords that fit within what we thought Pinterest users would search. In addition, we looked just outside the typical search to include non-obvious keywords. Some examples were calming, therapy, ways to reduce anxiety, etc.

A big thank you to Amy for being one of my first case studies. We also promoted five other pins with great results but this one stood out the most.

Tell me more about your Promoted Pins experience. If you have a case study you would like to submit, please contact me here.

Check out The Complete Guide to Promoted Pins for even more tips on using promoted pins


  1. Those are impressive results. I’ve been using promoted pins and have gotten pretty good results. After reading this case study, I think I’ll go back and edit the keywords on my promoted pin. I like the idea of including non-obvious keywords.

    1. Hi Ahsan,

      (answering on Kate’s behalf) The good news is yes…after the promoted campaign ends, you still get the benefits of continued repins!

    1. She did! I’ll ask her to loop around but she made a ton of money off that post and it was way more than she spent.

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