We’re tackling all things planning when it comes to Pinterest marketing. 2023 is coming up fast and we want to equip you with all the resources needed to make this your year.

It’s all about how to refresh, revive, and reboot. How to take a step back, plan out some time and really get intentional about how to lean into your Pinterest marketing goals for 2023.

In this episode, I’m talking about our 2023 planner for Pinterest marketing.

It always helps to plan ahead. Nobody wants to feel like they’re chasing their tail every week wondering what to pin, what type of Idea Pins to create and so on. That’s not the way you want to function in any year, and it’s not the most productive either. 

There are a ton of planners out there, and it feels like everyone needs to have one that aligns with their personality, learning style, and habit building. 

It’s a lot of pressure to pick the right one. Printed or digital? Daily, weekly, monthly? A combination of all three?

There’s so many layers.

I’m not here to debate or outline the best 2023 planner for you. I’m only here to talk about how to plan your Pinterest marketing in 2023 using a planner. To refresh, revive, and reboot what you’re currently doing and level up your plans for the coming year. 

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2023 Planner for Pinterest Marketing

Let’s look at it in a new way using our Simple Pin Pinterest Planner. 

First, some history.

Seven years ago, I created the first Pinterest planner for Simple Pin. I was new in business and needed to reach more people. This was a great resource that I could give to my clients to help them map out their content calendar. And then I also asked them to share with their business groups. Maybe I could get some new leads by creating an awesome resource. 

The first version was around 5 pages, and just had some quick tips and reminders of what to pin each month. 

People found it so helpful, that I created one the following year. Each year, the planner grew in length and information. Not because we wanted it to be bigger, but because we found that people needed more resources. Our team would research for hours, put in the information, and out would come this beautiful planner filled with a guide to help content creators and e-commerce sellers plan out their Pinterest marketing throughout the year. 

And that brings us up to 2023.

We have a brand new version of our Simple Pin Planner, with even more information, but presented in a way that doesn’t overwhelm.

In our last podcast episode, we talked about how to plan out your marketing in 2023. We gave you a framework for mapping out the year using the guidelines of refresh, revive, and reboot. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how you can use our Simple Pin Planner to help support those goals. 

how to plan your pinterest strategy

The most important thing I’ll say before we dive in is this: setting a time (and a timer) is SO important. I’m a big believer in time-blocking and also, only doing one task at a time. When I multi-task, I find that I get the job done, but only at about 70%. I want to be fully focused, fully invested in what I’m working on.

Especially when you’re working on planning for the future or brainstorming, time can just fly away from you. Either that, or you never MAKE the time to work on these important tasks.

For me, I set aside time to look at my marketing and what I’m going to focus on. I prefer the top of the month when I receive my report from our social media manager. I have really found the Pomodoro method to be super helpful!

how to use your planning time

  • Examine your numbers, track what you feel is most important, and pay attention to trends
  • Ask questions and seek out what to pin – look at what has been working and not working in your account, based on what the data tells you
  • Play around with the platform – I just search around the platform and save some Pins. I look at what other people are creating for inspiration. I also want to experience what the pinner is experiencing – small, unclear images, an unclear call to action, too much text, etc.

I also look ahead in our editorial calendar to think through what’s important to be pinning, and plan out action steps for the next month.

Having a plan ensures that even if some of the other parts of your business go haywire, this aspect will be planned out ahead. It’s the most beautiful part about Pinterest marketing. It’s less time intensive than all the other platforms. Truly, once you get a pinning strategy under your belt, Pinterest can take way less time. No need to spend a ton of time engaging with your followers, answering questions, continuing dialog, etc. 

Our Simple Pin Planner can help facilitate not only effective Pinterest marketing planning, but efficient marketing. Let’s make that time you’re spending on your marketing efforts worth it!

woman sitting at table typing on laptop.

What can the Simple Pin Planner give you?

  • Ideas on what to pin
  • Content planning ideas
  • Action steps to take each month
  • Additional resources to reference
  • Tracking pages and tips on what to track

If you’re looking at 2023 and wondering what in the world? Maybe you’re unclear on the direction you should be taking, or struggling with creativity. This planner has everything mapped out for you.

The planner also includes the following pages – how to craft the perfect Pin, Idea Pin specs and details, individual pages listing keyword ideas, resources, and action items, how to clean up your Pinterest boards, and information on how to track KPIs (key performance indicators).

Whatever 2023 planner you use to refresh, revive, and reboot your Pinterest marketing, I believe the two things you need to know are WHY you’re using Pinterest and HOW you’re going to leverage it for growth of your business. 

For example, here at Simple Pin, we use Pinterest as a tool for email list growth and lead generation. We know that’s our focus, so everything revolves around that goal.

fun 2023 planner news 

This year, we’ve partnered with a printing company, and you can now purchase the Simple Pin planner printed, bound, and shipped to your house! We also have the digital planner available for sale (like usual), but if you’re a paper and pen kind of person, this is a perfect option for you.

I’ll leave you with this. Our greatest hope is that this planner will not only help you become a better marketer on Pinterest for your brand, but it will help you manage your time. We want you at your most efficient, so you can focus on other parts of your business, while Pinterest is working for you. 

When you start using your planner, we’d love for you to tag us on Instagram @simplepinmedia. Creativity in numbers. 

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