UPDATE: All Pin types on Pinterest are now considered just a “Pin”. We used to have video Pins, Idea Pins, carousel Pins, and more. In mid-2023, Pinterest changed up their verbiage to now just have one Pin type, which includes all the features that the different Pin types had before. For more information, click here.

Idea Pins on Pinterest – love them or hate them, they are here to stay. They’re a way to share micro-content on Pinterest that helps Pinners get intrigued, and go to your profile to learn more.

At the time of recording (December 2022), some people have access to linking on Idea Pins, but we don’t know when or if that will roll out to everyone, so don’t build them into your current marketing strategy until you know for sure you have access. For 2023 Idea Pin planning purposes, we’ll use what features are available to everyone for now.

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Idea Pins were released in 2020 as a way to keep people on the Pinterest platform. Short-form video was all the rage, with TikTok taking up a big part of the market share. Pinterest had to show advertisers that time spent on their platform was worth putting ad dollars towards, and this was just one way. 

As a result, Creators have had to learn how to create content on the platform without the coveted link. That’s been tough for some, and has felt really frustrating at times. 

I’ve even seen open letters to Pinterest about getting rid of Idea Pins and how Creators won’t be using them. I do understand the frustration, but I also don’t see Creators digging in their heels when Instagram makes a change every other Thursday. Given that Pinterest is still the largest traffic driver for many content creators, it makes sense to play a little bit of the Pinterest game. 

Plus, this is the first new form of content change Pinterest has made to their platform in about 8 years, so it was bound to happen. 

We still see static Pins as the most effective tool in Pinterest marketing, but using Idea Pins as well is a smart way to level up your strategy.

If you’re still with me and you’re ready to make Idea Pins part of your plan for Pinterest marketing in 2023, then let’s get some ideas flowing so you’re ready. 

Let’s cover some of the most common questions we hear.

Can i repurpose Instagram Reels?

Yes and no. First, make sure you download raw video after you record your Reel – no captions, music, or stickers. Keep it raw for your download. Then you can upload directly to Pinterest and add all the extras on the platform. 

All of the platforms like native uploading and not just recycled content. They really want your best content, and what is created uniquely for their platform. Therefore, you can use the raw video that you film for your Instagram Reel, but don’t repurpose AFTER you’ve created the Reel.

Next, make sure that the Reel fits the culture of Pinterest. People are coming to Pinterest with questions or looking to solve a problem, not seeking connection. Does your Reel only talk about you and your life? Would they need background and context to understand it? If so, skip and leave it just on Instagram. 

If your Reel is micro-content that doesn’t need additional context or background (a recipe, a how-to tip, etc), by all means repurpose for Idea Pins. 

how long do idea pins need to be?

We think between 5-7 slides (cards) is the best, but you can do add to 20.

Two food creators that do well with their Idea Pins are Entertaining with Beth and A Taste of Koko. There are several others, but both of these ladies have been on the podcast and came to mind first. It’s worth your time to go check out their content and how they’re using Idea Pins to grow their business.

RELATED: Listen to our Simple Pin podcast episodes with A Taste of Koko and Entertaining with Beth

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How many idea pins to pin per week?

If you recall from a previous podcast episode we did called, “Does the number of pins per day matter?”, we talked about our experiment with only doing 1-2 Idea Pins per week in addition to regular static Pins. That seems to be the sweet spot for us and our clients. 

It’s absolutely worth testing out some different strategies for your business and platform. Maybe your followers are more drawn to short-form content like Idea Pins or maybe they prefer static Pins. Maybe the type of content you produce is uniquely suited for Idea Pin format. Test it out!

How to plan out content ideas

We’ve all seen those Pins or Idea Pins that are just amazing. Well put-together, nicely designed, eye-catching. Unless that Creator is really skilled at creating content on the fly, you can be sure these were planned ahead of time.

If you struggle coming up with content ideas for Idea Pins or just don’t even know where to start, our Idea Pin planning worksheet will be a great tool for you! One of our past students planned the entire quarter for her business in less than 2 hours. She saw a dramatic increase in views and impressions, and as a by-product, more clicks to her website.

The worksheet will help you brainstorm idea, plan your content, and story board those ideas all in one place.

For additional help planning and creating Idea Pins, check out our Simple Pin Shop on Shopify.

We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve been using the Idea Pin planning worksheet, let us know how it has worked for you. If you haven’t been using Idea Pins as part of your strategy, what’s holding you back? Leave a comment on this blog post or DM us on Instagram @simplepinmedia.



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