In today’s world, a small business owner faces many choices when it comes to how they find consistency in marketing. At first you are tempted to do all the things, and then shortly after that, you burn out from being spread too thin.

But what if we had the key to find consistency in marketing?

My guest today is Lauren Tilden of the Making Good Podcast. Our conversation was supposed to be about the keys to marketing consistently, but it really revolved around how to market in the places that help us stay consistent. We also talked so much about how to use our energy and time in the most efficient way.

The Making Good Podcast is all about how small businesses can make a big impact on the world. Growing up, Lauren always thought that you had to choose one – being in the business world OR making a difference.

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Lauren started in corporate America, and experienced major burnout, to the point where she was starting to get sick. She was privileged enough to just quit her job without really knowing what was coming next. She had the opportunity to follow what interested her and what she loved, versus just being in a job that was where she happened to land.

The tag line on her website now is “your small business can make a big impact”.

We had such a delightful, meandering conversation. I hope you take away a few a-ha moments that you can put into your business. My a-ha moment came around the topic of “primary vs secondary” content. I had never thought about content this way!

“Consistency is not sexy, it’s slow. The results don’t come overnight. It’s really a matter of putting the work in and having the faith that you’ll see results on the other side.” — Lauren Tilden

additional questions i asked

— What has been your experience with burn out?

— When you use the phrase “consistency in marketing”, tell me what you visualize in the weekly, monthly, yearly context?

— My listeners tell me all the time how exhausted they are with this marketing pace. What’s the first thing you could tell someone when they come to you ready to give up?

— I’d love to know more about how your book club started and what it entails. 

— To wrap things up, what is one thing you would leave our listeners with when it comes to marketing your business in a sustainable way?

“The best marketing in the world is not the marketing that we do, it’s the marketing that other people do for us” — Lauren Tilden

If you’re interested in hearing more from Lauren, check out her podcast, the Making Good Podcast. You can sign up for her newsletter at her website! She also loves to hang out on Instagram.

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