It’s time to think about a Pinterest marketing refresh for 2023!

While some parts of your strategy will stay the same, some of it could need a refresh. In this episode, I’ll walk through some examples of how to refresh, revive, and reboot your Pinterest marketing.

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Where does Pinterest fall in the matrix of social media, or the suite of marketing options we have to promote our content, website, or products?

Pinterest falls in with YouTube and Google – where people go to ask questions, aren’t super interested in a specific brand, and want to learn something with a longer form answer. Another way to talk about this is evergreen content or products that will be relevant for a long time.

With TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, users are looking more in the moment. They’re consuming a specific lifestyle, a more timely topic, or everything that a certain influencer shares.

a recent example and more context

Here in the United States, we recently had our mid-term elections. On Instagram, people were talking about things in the moment. For example, sharing their “I Voted” sticker, sharing prompts about how to vote or polling locations, sharing their stance on different candidates.

Pinterest isn’t talking about the mid-terms at ALL. On Pinterest, you’ll find Pins about the upcoming holidays, what to make for family dinner, gift ideas, unique ways to celebrate, or reflections on the coming new year.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re in the finance space, January can be your JAM on Pinterest. With a lot of folks talking about a looming recession, people may be looking for tips on how to save money, how to change their financial behavior to match the economic climate, etc.

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What’s common right now is for creators and business owners to repurpose content. It definitely feels more efficient, but it’s not necessarily more effective.

If you think through the lens of each specific platform before repurposing each piece of content, this will help you make decisions.

Does your content serve your person in the future, give them an a-ha moment around your topic, or solve a problem down the road? If so, repurposing on Pinterest can be effective. If it’s more in the moment, or focuses specifically on you (less about your reader or customer), don’t use it on Pinterest.

Now let’s talk practical Pinterest marketing refresh tips for 2023!

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If you’ve been marketing on Pinterest for a while, it’s easy to get bored, frustrated, or just plain exhausted from the whole gig.

Maybe you’ve lost your love for Pinterest marketing or feel like it’s a slog. I get it. I’ve been marketing my business on Pinterest for 9 years now. It can definitely be a drag, especially when you see how your numbers have changed over the years. 

let’s step back

Examine what’s coming for our consumer, client, or reader in 2023, we see a few things:

  1. We have a global recession looming. People are tightening their wallets and looking for items that may be less expensive, or have a different purpose, or are just generally taking a little longer to say yes to a purchase. 
  2. People want things that are efficient. – that get the job done quicker, faster, better. This can be recipes, workouts, planning, finances, etc. There are a lot of areas where we look to tweak or improve when a new year comes around.
  3. Pinterest users have always been dreamers. They are less likely to take action quickly. They are slower to say yes, but even more so now. It may take 6-9 months before you see someone taking action on your product or content. That’s okay!

Pinterest is moving even more towards being an e-commerce platform.

This doesn’t leave content creators out of the forward movement at all! In fact, it makes you even more part of the ecosystem. Do you have ideas for a digital or physical product? Now is the time! This means you now have products AND a backlog of content to use to draw in your user on Pinterest.

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Let’s add new life to your images and keywords!

I’ll be the first to admit that creating images makes me want to take a nap. It always feels so labor intensive and I’m just not good at it. Here at Simple Pin, we’ve graduated to the point where we can hire graphic designers, but if you’re not in that boat yet, grab some of our awesome Pin templates! These work with both the free and Pro versions of Canva, and will really help you get a jump start on your designs.

Here’s your tip for images – look at your Pinterest board that houses your content. Look at the images and ask yourself – what is one thing I can do better? Add text, change up or add a call to action, swap out the background image. What revives the look? Maybe this is your year to stop using stock photos, or maybe upgrade to a paid stock photo option. Every year to year and a half, we work with a wonderful photographer to take our own stock photos that we can use throughout our site.

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let’s talk keywords

Maybe you’re in a rut? Maybe you’ve been thinking you should probably use some new keywords or do some testing. Do a quick search on Pinterest for the keywords you’re thinking about, and even do a search on Pinterest trends.

List 2-4 new keywords you could start using from these searches, and see if that makes a difference. 

If Pinterest isn’t working how you want it to, maybe this is the time to reboot your keyword strategy. Or if you’re like me, actually do the keyword research. 😉

Grab our Pinterest Keyword Planning Guide to help you get started or watch How To Rank for the Best Keywords on Pinterest on YouTube.

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In this online world, we most often can’t use the same goals we had for the year prior, in the coming year. Maybe last year was your first year as a business owner. Maybe it was your eighth. Either way, your goals will need a reboot.

Pinterest changes, you change, your people change, the internet changes.

Some examples of new goals on Pinterest could be increasing the number of saves you get, outbound clicks, conversions to a sale, etc. Whatever works for moving YOUR business forward.

Take one hour and look at all your analytical data in Pinterest from the last 90 days. If you have Google Analytics, you may be able to take a deep dive over the last year. What worked and what didn’t work? What would you repeat for next year, and what would you let go of?

here’s what I want you to remember

Your numbers, your people, your goals, your strategy, your niche, your keywords are just that – YOURS. What works for another marketer may not work for you. It’s okay to read what people post, or their theories of what works, but take what’s good and leave the rest.

Make the reboot for 2023 aligned with YOU. I guarantee you’ll be less frustrated and able to make true data-driven decisions based on your goals. 

We’d love to hear from you! If you have a goal in mind or an action step you’re going to take over the next few weeks, leave a comment here on this post or DM us on Instagram.

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