Hard to believe the year is almost over! As things begin winding down for 2023, we are dedicating the next three episodes to content creation. We’ll cover the basics of creating inspiring content for pinners, creating a content calendar, and knowing how to leverage the tools that Pinterest has to offer.

Today we want to talk about inspiring content ideas for Pinterest. We want to help you learn how to find and execute the best ideas to catch your ideal pinner’s eye. Let’s dive in!

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Inspiring Content Ideas for Pinterest

What makes your content pop on Pinterest? What makes your pins stand out? What draws people in to save and click on your content? It’s easy to get into a groove of using templates and just plugging something in that you think is mostly good, but maybe it’s time to give it more thought. As we move into 2024, maybe it’s time to craft a Pinterest marketing plan for the new year that’s really going to take things to the next level for your business. And we’re here to help you do that!

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Five Dimensions of Inspiration for Pinterest Content

Following Pinterest’s Best Practices is key to success on the platform. Thankfully, they created five dimensions of inspiration to help you craft content ideas that perform well and inspire pinners. Let’s walk through each one:

Visually Appealing – Design your content with eye-catching imagery, compelling graphics, and subtle branding.

  • Make your products the hero of the image
  • Utilize new angles and rotations to add depth and perspective

It’s important to make sure the branding on your pin matches the branding on your website. When a pinner clicks through on a pin, they want to make sure they are being taken to the right place. Your branding is a key sign of that. Make sure to use the same colors, fonts, and elements on both your Pinterest and website.

Original – Take a familiar idea and inspire a new, unique, or different take on it.

  • Get creative with audience targeting
  • Stay true to your brand’s voice

You have your own unique voice, you have your own unique design, and you have your own unique spin on it. Use it.

Positive – Create designs that inspire Pinners to dream about who they want to be and what they want to create.

  • Focus on the solution, not the problem
  • Relate to a diverse audience

Pinterest is on a mission and they have been for years to create a positive platform. They strive to be a place where pinners dream about who they want to be and what they want to create.

Relevant – Create context by leveraging everyday moments and interests, while also considering a diverse audience.

  • Reflect multiple tastes, expertise, and dietary restrictions
  • Create targeted ideas from previously asked questions

Connect with your audience on their pain points. When they see that you are answering their question or you’re relevant to them, they’re going to click on it.

Actionable – Make Pins that people will save.

  • Clearly indicate the desired call-to-action
  • Create an interactive experience that Pinners will want to come back to

The best content on Pinterest inspires people to try new ideas and gives them the confidence to do so – either right now or later on.

As a rule of thumb in your design process – be sure to include at least two of the five dimensions in order to make your creativity shine and bring your content to life. Kate shares that the two dimensions she would focus on – as someone who struggles with creativity at times – would be actionable and original. Easy to prompt the pinner to take action of some kind, and make sure pins use the same colors, font, and pictures as a website.

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pin Images are the game changer

If you remember anything from today’s episode, remember this: the only thing the pinner sees is the image. Yes, we do a ton of keyword research for the algorithm and write really amazing descriptions so we can get seen in search, but ultimately the pinner has to like what they see.

If you are new to Pinterest, just get started on creating images. Do not overthink it. If you’ve been on Pinterest for a while, it’s possibly time for you to change it up. If you’ve been using the same templates over and over, try something new. Add in some other brand colors, change the style you’re using on pins, and find new ways to bring a fresh look to your content. You can even purchase new pin templates to get you out of the groove you’ve been in for the last couple of years.

We’d love to hear from you, what’s been a game changer for you when it comes to getting better at your images? Leave your answers below or tag us on Instagram @simplepinmedia. Plus, you can share your pins with us and we’d love to share them for other people to be inspired by them.

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