Video is an integral part of any marketing a business does. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest, video is becoming a vital tool that should not be passed up. So today, we want to help you get on top of the video game on Pinterest. Let’s talk about how to create awesome video content for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

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Video ON Pinterest

We get it. Video is hard, especially if you feel like you need to do your makeup, you need to do your hair, you need to find a quiet place. It’s all the things. But it’s time to embrace video on Pinterest and get creative. So we’re giving you some tips that you can take into 2024.

If you’re new to Pinterest and wondering where to start, this free video series will walk you through the right steps.

    Testing OUt Pinterest Video

    We know there has been a lot of debate about what works better, video pins or image pins. Every account is different. For some, video does well. For others, image pins far outpace video pins. The only way you will figure this out is if you do a three to six-month test of doing both at the same time. There is no sweeping statement that we can make across the board that says video pins will win with this account. You’re going to have to test it.

    We all know that Pinterest is a highly visual platform, and they say piners are watching close to 1 billion videos per day. Not only can video pins give life to a product, a service, an idea, but they are also an excellent way to build brand authenticity and grow engagement. According to Pinterest, video views on the platform are up 200% year over year, and videos are six times more likely to be saved by users compared to static pins. However, the caveat here is, what we mentioned before: that might not be the same on your account. You’ll have to test it out and see.

    So here are some quick tips when it comes to optimizing video content on Pinterest:

    • Start strong and make it actionable. Lead with a clear hook within the first few seconds. We need to tell people what we are going to talk about. They need to know why they should keep watching.
    • Show don’t tell. Many people watch with the sound off, so be sure to utilize captions and text overlay.
    • Pick a strong cover image. Select an eye-catching shot that shows what the video is all about.
    • Optimize your pin copy, choose a clear title, and write clear descriptions. These things will help your video get discovered in search.

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    Utilizing Video Content during the Holiday Season

    Now let’s talk about how to utilize video content during the holiday season. Here are four categories of video content that you can explore with a holiday pin:

    Aspirational videos creatively display how your product, service, or idea can improve the life of your audience.

    • Lifestyle footage of your product/service/idea in use
    • Share the benefits of your product/service/idea
    • Footage of giving your product as a gift

    Informative videos are super actionable. They provide valuable ideas, insight, and education that are relevant to your brand.

    • How-to / step-by-step instructions
    • Facts about your product/service/idea
    • Answer FAQs about your product/service/idea

    Transformation videos display a significant change or evolution that is the result of your product/service/idea.

    • Before & After
    • Case studies
    • Testimonials / Reviews

    Culture videos give your audience a look behind the scenes and authentically showcase what your brand stands for.

    • Behind the scenes
    • Discuss your company’s mission and values
    • Share stories about the history of your business

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    Hopefully, these tips and video categories spark a little imagination for how you can incorporate video into your holiday content this year. It’s not too late to produce Christmas content on Pinterest. Let us know in the comments what video category you’re going to try first!

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