There are so many ways different approaches to Pinterest marketing for your business. One person may suggest more Pins, or doing a deep dive in data, or simply doing less. Whatever the tactical approach, it’s important to know why you’re using Pinterest for your marketing and what approaches work best for you. 

Our guest on the podcast today is Carly Campbell of Mommy on Purpose, a long time Pinterest marketing expert.

Kate and Carly have been in the industry together for a long time, and while they have different approaches to Pinterest, they both desire to help entrepreneurs use the platform in a way that makes their business grow.

They both consider their audience’s success to be their success.

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In this podcast episode, Carly and Kate talk about how they view Pinterest and what they see coming in 2023. They also talk about the ending of the Creator Rewards program and how it could foreshadow the potential return of good traffic for smaller bloggers and content creators.

As has been the case for awhile, Pinterest tells us that 97% of searches on the platform are unbranded. Which means that the general Pinterest user is NOT searching for Home Depot or Target. They’re searching for a solution to their problem, and whoever can solve it for them is the winner.

The goal of Pinterest marketing for business is to drive the user to click on your content or product. So if Pinterest is driving clicks, and 97% of searches are unbranded, Pinterest users are clicking on Pins from smaller creators and businesses.

Your ideal customer, client, or reader wants to click on what you have to offer. You just need to get it in front of them.

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  • How did you get started with Pinterest marketing?
  • What inspired you to go deep into the platform?
  • When you approach marketing on Pinterest, what comes to mind first?
  • As you’re working with bloggers, what do you think is top of mind for them?
  • What are some of the struggles you’ve had with Pinterest?
  • Have you always been super data, back-end driven?  
  • What do you see with Pinterest in 2023?

Carly shares some really amazing tips with us on how to find what people are searching on Pinterest, what type of content is actually getting clicks, etc. It’s ALWAYS about the user. What appeals to the user, what will make them click over other Pins?

For Carly, it’s not just about keywords. It’s about watching what works between different niches, and not just applying a blanket strategy to all content and business types.

This was such a great conversation about the different ways we use social media, how the platforms react to their users’ behavior, and more.

If you want to hear more from Carly, check out her new website Creators Content Club or join her Facebook group exclusively for bloggers.

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