We all know that keywords are important but how do you find the right Pinterest keywords to use when you’re on the platform? This is the question we’re answering today.

Pinterest users experiment with different keywords to find what they are looking for. We want to make sure that when they search for a specific topic or product, they find YOU.

Steph is the Project and Content Manager here at SPM, and today she’s here to talk about searching for the right keywords to target on Pinterest in order to be found in search. In today’s podcast episode, we also talk about the shifts and changes in keywords that is happening in 2020 (the craziest year ever).

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Keywords Power the Pinterest Platform 

A lot of things have changed recently on Pinterest. We’ve already talked about the algorithm update and how you need to view your Pinterest stats with a new lens in 2020. What hasn’t changed is that Pinterest is still a search and discovery network. This means that organic keywords really power the platform.

There are many new businesses beginning to use Pinterest right now. If you have never used Pinterest for your business, the best place to begin looking for the right Pinterest keywords is on your own website. Review your site categories or a word cloud generated from your site. Use those words within Pinterest’s search feature to see what comes up.

If you have super general categories (think “DIY”), you will see a ton of results pop up. You’ll need to get more specific and drill down a bit in order to zero in on what you post about.

Keep in mind that what you type into the search box might not actually generate the type of content you’re expecting. You’ll need to check to see what type of content pops up when you search on those keywords in Pinterest.

It’s vital to keep the searchers’ intent in mind as you nail down your Pinterest keywords. In October of last year, if someone searched “DIY face mask” on Pinterest, it probably resulted in a ton of beauty-related posts, like how to make a mud mask. But if you search for “DIY face mask” in 2020, you’re bound to find a lot of content on how to sew your own face mask. You have to be conscious of context when it comes to using keywords.

How to Choose the Right Pinterest Keywords

Create A Master List of Keywords

Steph starts by creating a master list of keywords she can work with. She uses more general terms for her board titles and more specific keywords for board descriptions.

Your pin description is where you want to really hone in on your keywords.

To test out this master list of keywords, Steph starts by using the Pinterest search bar. Once she’s settled on the words she thinks she wants to use, she checks them out using the Pinterest Trends tool. She completes this step in order to help her determine the exact word order of her long-tail keywords.

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Start Broad and Get Narrow

When you search on Pinterest, you’ll see suggested search terms appear in a dropdown menu as you type. These suggested keywords may include some viable keyword options that you hadn’t thought about using yet. This tool will help you hone in even further on your master keyword list.

It helps to start out with a broad range of ideas and narrow down as you search. This allows you to zoom out and back in as you test your keywords in the search tool. You want your keywords to attract the right people. If you are getting tons of clicks, but they’re from the wrong people, that is not serving you at all.

If you are a food blogger who shares keto recipes, you don’t omit the word “keto” from your keyword list. You also want to make sure you keep using more general keywords like “healthy” or “low sugar,” so that you reach the people in your audience who might not necessarily be looking for keto-specific dishes but enjoy healthy recipes.

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Pinterest Marketing in 2020: Being Nimble is Key

In 2020, you really need to be nimble and be ready to pivot when it comes to your Pinterest marketing.

As we touched upon in last week’s podcast, Pinterest search trends look very different this year. Instead of searching for “summer vacations” and “wedding inspiration”, people are searching for “how to set up a homeschooling space” and “work from home outfits”.

Understanding these search trend shifts will help you as you narrow down and find the right keywords.

The best way to stay in the know about Pinterest changes is to go right to the source by following the information that Pinterest is providing. Whether you do that through the Pinterest trends feature or the resources they publish, it will help you in your keyword search efforts.

Here’s a list of the best resources for keeping up with Pinterest changes:

If you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment. We love to hear from you.


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