In this episode, we are talking about taking your reader on a journey from Pinterest to Paypal in 3 minutes flat. We’ll cover how to woo the hearts and wallets of your Pinterest readers with great copy and easy offers.

Building a Business Centered Around Helping Others

Kate Doster runs a website and is also the host of the Inbox Besties podcast, where she gives “dangerously actionable advice to turn internet randos into subscribers with benefits.” Email marketing is her current jam, but she’s also a former copywriter.

Kate loves helping people. In 2016-2017, she was a part of multiple Facebook groups where people would share their landing pages or email copy. Right away, Kate was struck by how “not great” most of the content was. She began to offer editing services and feedback sessions (in the form of videos) highlighting what a customer needed to change in order to make their content better.

Instead of just working for one client and serving their needs, Kate started focusing on serving multiple people simultaneously (a “one to many” approach). She took everything she learned from copywriting and her psychology background and communications degree to help the average, “little guy” blogger learn these skills without having to spend years of their lives studying it.

Tabletop with device and tulips and text overlay "Pinterest to Paypal in 3 minutes flat".

Getting Page Views from Pinterest

While email marketing is obviously her favorite, Kate also loves content creation. But for a long time, she poured her blood, sweat, and tears into blog posts only to have five or ten people read them.

Everyone in her Facebook group was talking about getting page views from Pinterest. And so, in order to master Pinterest, she started listening to the Simple Pin podcast.

Kate came up with the Pinterest to Paypal in 3 Minutes Flat system because the Pinterest user is actively looking for something. They are already a captive audience.

Most bloggers or business owners are more focused on Instagram or Facebook ads because they are quick wins, but they don’t provide the conversions that Pinterest does.

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Kate gets most of her traffic from Pinterest, with Google being a close second. She experienced the greatest traffic increase once she started following the tips we share on the Simple Pin Podcast, especially keywording images.

Pinterest to Paypal: The Four Steps of the System 

One of the biggest excuses people give for not accomplishing things is that they don’t have enough time. When you tell someone that they can accomplish something in three minutes, they’re more likely to see it through, even if it ultimately takes them five to six minutes.

Kate’s system is laid out from the user’s perspective and how they experience the process:

  1. The first step is creating an eye-catching pin. Choose an amazing graphic with an intriguing title, and making sure it is keyworded properly.
  2. This image should land on a blog post that relates to the image. The post should be well-formatted for mobile, and your personality should shine throughout the post so that people will resonate with you and your message.
  3. The next step is to offer a freebie, which is just a gift that you give away in exchange for their email address. Fill your site with enticing opportunities to sign up for your email list.
  4. On your thank-you page, or in an email down the line, present an easy yes offer to the reader. This product should solve your reader’s logical next problem. Kate typically offers some type of discount on her existing products for her easy yes offer.

Enticing the User and Solving the Next Problem 

Getting all of these components of the system into place will take you some time. Throughout all of the touch points in the system, be sure to share your personality. Sharing yourself and creating that know, like, and trust factor piques interest and entices the user to actually join your email list and continue to learn from you and buy from you.

The common error Kate sees when it comes to creating a customer journey is that there’s a disconnect within the marketer’s funnel. They might create a freebie called “10 Ways to Grow Your Traffic that No One Knows About,” then the “easy yes” offer that’s presented on the Thank You page is a traffic-building course.

In the mind of the user, they’ve already solved their traffic-building problem with the freebie. The “easy yes” offer needs to focus on solving the next problem.

Attracting the Right People 

I hear people say, “I don’t think that email marketing is worth it,” all the time. All that means is that you grew the wrong audience.

You shouldn’t grow a list of vegans if you’re going to sell hamburgers. — Kate Doster 

Some lifestyle bloggers have a blog post go viral on Pinterest, then create a freebie based on that viral post. But if that post is not something you actually enjoy talking about or even know a lot about, you’re wasting your energy attempting to get all of those readers to join your list.

Instead, focus on attracting the right kind of people to your email list and your return will be huge. You have to be clear about who you want on the list and what you want to talk to them about.

The M&M’S That Fuel the System

This whole Pinterest to Paypal system is fueled by what Kate has termed M&M’S:

Mindset – The first M stands for mindset. Mindset is such a buzzword right now, but we have to understand the value of selling.

Most people are not going to take action on something until they put down actual cash. People sign up for a million free things, but once they pay for something, that’s when they’ll start taking action.

Muses – The second M stands for muses. Muses is a fancy word for “your people.”

What are the things your people are complaining about? What is their “yeah, but…”? Whenever you figure that out and can solve it, you are helping them. This makes selling feel less gross. 

When you know about your muses’ complaints, you can also figure out what their dreams are. What do they want?

Moments – That leads into the third M, which stands for moments. Moments are defined as concrete milestones that our muses dream about — they define success for our people.

For Kate’s muse, a key moment might be going to Whole Foods and being able to pay with their debit card no matter what it costs. That is an event that makes them excited.

What does having this dream business actually do for your people?

Whether it’s having their diapers on subscribe and save on Amazon and not worrying about the payment going through, or making sales in the morning before their coffee gets cold, you have to know what moment your audience is striving for.

Sculpting – Diving into those moments involves sculpting. When you’re writing copy, it’s like you start with a chunk of marble.

If you find out that your person wants to be able to go to the grocery store and slap down their debit card, you might have actually started out with, “my ideal person wants to pay their bills.”

When you are sculpting, you are just narrowing it down to what your person really wants. You are getting super-specific about what they need.

Shine – Kate believes that it’s vital to let your personality shine.

You have to just be yourself. If you’re not funny, don’t try to be funny. It’ll come off as insincere. If you are just being yourself, you won’t be afraid to write.

Get Your People Ready

You don’t need to have a paid product or an affiliate offer before you put these processes into play.

Most of us have something in the back of our mind that we want to create someday. Maybe it’s an ebook or a service or a product. Even though you haven’t created it yet, you can go ahead and start attracting the people you would want to buy that service or product. Write blog posts that relate to service/product. Answer this person’s “yeah, but…” with a freebie.

When you are ready to create the paid product/service or launch the affiliate campaign, you’ll already have a group of people that is excited about it.

The most important thing to nail down is who the people are that you want to help. As soon as you know, you can create a freebie for them to help solve a problem.

Remember that people click and purchase based on emotion. If you want to have a paid product someday, what are all the “yeah, buts…” that your person might have regarding the problem your paid product addresses?

Think of all of them, and choose just one. Create a freebie to address it. You can use all the other ideas you have to create a bigger product down the road.

Tabletop with device and tulips.
Your online business will not be an overnight success, even if the internet tells you otherwise. It requires work and updating and patience. Most importantly, you need to treat your audience as people. They’re not just numbers on a screen.

Kate has been kind enough to create a freebie exclusively for Simple Pin listeners. It’s a lesson from her paid email marketing course called Sculpting Quick Fixes. This information will help you transform your big chunk of marble into a beautiful statue.

Be sure to check out Kate’s podcast, as well as all of the services she offers at She also offers an awesome free masterclass on email  marketing called The Cookie Effect.

For Further Listening/Reading:


5:23 – Building a Business of Helping Others
9:43 – Getting Page Views from Pinterest
13:53 – The Four Steps of the System
20:37 – Enticing the User and Solving the Next Problem
23:15 – Attracting the Right People
27:27 – The M&M’S That Fuel the System
27:30 – Mindset
31:22 -Muses
33:30 – Moments
33:59 – Sculpting
35:32 – Shine
39:15 – Get Your People Ready
41:55 – Nail Down All the Problems


  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you so much, Kate and Kate. I really learned a lot and as a newbie with Pinterest, trying to soak it all in. I’m looking forward to diving into the material.

  2. Kate has a lot of good info to share and I enjoyed the episode but to be honest, I was kind of amazed at the number of typos and glaring spelling/grammar mistakes that I saw on her website, from the first page click-thru (“Yes! This is just want need!”) and beyond. Not throwing shade to be negative but rather to bring to Kate’s attention, should she wish to correct. An expert copywriter or a strong proofreader/editor would – or should – catch these mistakes which detract from an otherwise informative site.

      1. Hey Stephanie,

        Thanks for letting me know. I did change the button copy on the click through page, but to be honest I don’t mind a typo here and there.

        I like to prove to people you don’t have to be perfect to “make it” online. You just have to care about your people and show up.

        You see, my ideal community member is a talker not a natural-born writer. English class was totally not her thing.

        She’s nervous about the grammar police coming after her if a comma is in the wrong place or if she typed the word “there” instead of “their” by accident while feverishly typing a post or email that was on her heart.

        I want to show her it’s OKAY not to be perfect. The people she was truly meant to serve won’t mind.

        And if a typo does get pointed out to her, at least that means someone read it. And we both know attention is the hardest thing to get online.

          1. Thanks Jules.

            I really do appreciate Stephanie sharing her opinion.

            It proves she knows what she values and what’s important to her, which is a rarity these days.

    1. I have to agree. And while I understand what Kate is trying to say that she wants her readers to feel normal, I personally would have a hard time spending my hard earned money on a copywriter with typos and grammar issues. It’s ok if I personally am not perfect at this, but that’s why I’m taking the next step to pay an expert, where these types of issues would not be acceptable. I believe a website is like a resume and it shows the quality of work you’re going to get, and you may not realize how many people are being scared away by it. But power to you Kate D, because clearly you are doing something right, just would hate to see you miss out on more opportunities.

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