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Pinterest Group Boards

“How do you become part of a group board?”  It’s a question I get quite often so I figured I would answer here. But first, let’s talk first about Pinterest group board 101. Then we’ll dive into how to join  Pinterest group boards.

What are group boards?

**Make sure you listen to this podcast for a full understanding of Pinterest group boards

Group boards are collaborative boards where 2 or more people pin to a board. The board is hosted on one person’s account and other pinners are invited to pin. Most group boards have rules like the one below.

group board rules

To find a group board quickly look for the circle in the bottom left corner as indicated below.

Screenshot of Pinterest group board title "Blogging Tools + Resources".

How to join Pinterest group boards?

There are three easy ways to join group boards on Pinterest:

  1. Pingroupie.com — A very user-friendly site where you can put in your topic to find group boards. Click through to determine if the board is a good fit (has at least the same number of followers or larger and looks as though there are repins on pins).
  2. Facebook Pinterest Collaborative Boards group — This is primarily open to only bloggers but you might be able to email the admin to request access.
  3. Email the board owner — Find some fellow pinners within your niche and search their boards for other group boards. Click on the board to see if the board owner has left contact information in the board description. If so, drop them an email with the necessary information so they can add you.

Group boards are a great asset for building your platform on Pinterest. Make sure to share your best, pin from the board and follow the rules. This makes for the best pinning environment.

Choosing the Right Group Boards

Like mentioned above group boards can be an asset but you need to make sure you are on the right ones. First, make sure they fit your niche. It doesn’t make sense for a food blogger to be on a DIY board that only showcases DIY projects. A food blogger will have little to no content that would apply to that board.

Second, look for boards that have search friendly board titles. For example, it’s best to be on a board that is titled, “Social Media Marketing Tips” than simply titled, “Social”. Go for the boards that are smart with their names.

Third, activity. Does the board look active? Are the pins on the board good content or do they look more like spam? Aim to be on boards that deliver value as opposed to just looking at the follower number. Follower numbers don’t translate to a good board. If the board has a ton of contributors and no one is pinning good content, steer clear.

How many group boards should I be on?

There is no hard and fast rule but I aim to have the number be less than my personal boards. I want my personal boards to shine. Aim for 70% personal boards and 30% group boards. For me I have 37 boards. Only 7 or so of them are group boards.

How can we use them effectively while remaining true to our brand and its values?

This is a tough one but the goal for any marketing is to target your end user and remain true to what your niche is. If you’re not a food blogger it doesn’t matter how awesome the group board is, it’s not your target market. Keep head down focused on your niche and the traffic will come. It just might take a bit longer for you than others.


  1. My suggestion for joining group boards is to dig deeper if there are no instructions on how to join.

    Unless the board description says they are NOT accepting new contributors it’s always good to track down the board host(ess) and find out if you be a contributor.

    An easy way to do this is click the first circle on the far left under the description. This is the board owner. Visit his or her blog to find an email address or contact form and politely request to be added as a contributor. It never hurts to ask.

  2. There are best practices for requesting to join a group board. Many hosts get numerous emails each day requesting to join numerous boards. Make your email simple to add by using the following formula in your request to join email:

    Subject Line – NAME OF THE BOARD

    Email Body –

    I would like to request being added to your Pinterest board XXXX if you are accepting contributors.

    My Pinterest email is


    Thank you for your consideration.

    By adding the name of the board to the subject line, the host knows exactly which board you wish to join.

    By placing your email address on a separate line you make it very simple for the host to cut and paste your address to add you to the board.

    Be considerate and use this format for optimum results in being added to group boards. Be sure to use the email address you use to sign in to Pinterest for the invitation to go through.

    Kate – You ROCK! Thanks for this excellent information.

  3. Hi I am trying to join Pinterest. I am 74 years young and have followed every “How to Join” with no luck. I just want to watch for a little while, I have found so many things that I like and do that I want to get a feel for it. Can you give me a hand? Thank you, Marilyn

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