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Pinterest Tips

Pinterest is a confusing platform for business owners and bloggers. How do you use it to further your brand, make money and build your email list?

First, let’s establish that Pinterest is NOT Facebook or Instagram, social media platforms. It’s a search engine! Yep, it’s where people go to find information, dream, and plan for their future. Having that mindset will help you market to your ideal user on the platform.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to get exposure on Pinterest for your business:

Convert your account to a business account. This is really important. Not only does it show Pinterest that you are a legitimate business but you’ll also get access to Pinterest analytics allowing you to dig deeper into what your follower like or want. Another added perk is that your content and boards will start showing up in search when people search for your name or business. Simply log into your account and go to business.pinterest.com and follow the prompts. Follow the steps I outline in this post to convert from personal to business on Pinterest.

Create a branded look for your profile — Ensure your name is followed by a few keywords that describe you. For example, Simple Pin Media | Pinterest Marketing and Management. Then name your boards based on keywords you believe your ideal user will search to find ideas. Remember, Pinterest is not a social media platform. Here are some more tips for cleaning up your Pinterest boards if you already have a few created.

Pin daily! In order for your strategy to work on Pinterest consistency must be your pillar tactic. Don’t pin for three days and then walk away. If you don’t want to be attached to your phone, use a Pinterest scheduling tool

You can do this! I’m here to help break down the mystery of Pinterest and make it a platform to expand your business.

Make sure you’re listening to the Simple Pin podcast for weekly tips, have downloaded the FREE Pinterest planner and you’re part of the Facebook group.

Questions? Comments? Tips? Join the fun below.

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