Decorating your home just got easier – introducing Pinterest Try On for Home Decor!

Pinterest recently released a new feature in the US market called Try On for Home Decor. This feature enables users to take a picture of their space and fill it with potential products to buy. Learn more about how this works and how it could potentially affect your marketing strategy. 

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New Feature Alert: Pinterest Try On for Home Decor

Pinterest recently announced Try On for Home Decor  – a new way for pinners to shop for home decor items using augmented reality. Pinners can now try before they buy by virtually viewing items in their home using the Pinterest Lens camera. 

The goal of this new Pinterest ecommerce feature is to bring a new experience that will help pinners better visualize items in their home and seamlessly move them from inspiration to realization. 

Sounds dreamy to me, especially since I am decor-challenged. 

The new feature is similar to the previously launched Try On for Lipstick and Eyeshadow feature. This feature works just like Try On for Home Decor. Within the Pinterest app, you are literally able to virtually “try on” certain shades of lipstick, blush, etc. It’s really kind of fun to try out some crazy colors without having to buy!

The virtual home decor experience is launching live on more than 80,000 shoppable pins, while the beauty feature is currently only available across 14,000 shoppable pins. We’re not totally sure why there is such a difference in the number of shoppable pins. If I had to guess, it probably has to do with the fact that people are much more likely to buy home decor online than they are makeup.

I need a professional to give me advice for makeup. I’m not sure I trust myself. Plus, you can return home decor. You can’t return a lipstick you’ve tried at home.

Augmented reality features have been super successful for Pinterest, which is likely why they chose to invest in the new Pinterest Try On feature.

Another Boost for Pinterest eCommerce

Here are some stats Pinterest is reporting:

  • Pinterest Lens camera searches have increased by 126% year-over-year
  • Try on for Beauty usage has increased 28% for Gen Z and 33% for Millenials
  • Pinners are 5x more likely to purchase from Try On-enabled pins than standard pins.

Jeremy King, SVP of Engineering for Pinterest, states:

Since the pandemic began, we’re seeing more digitally savvy shoppers than ever before, as millions of people now expect virtual and mobile options to try before they buy, see personalized recommendations, and gather information as part of their decision making process. These behaviors are happening across Pinterest every day, which is why we’re continuing to advance technologies like AR Try On and make Pinterest a full funnel shopping destination that takes people from inspiration to purchase anywhere in the app.

Let me break this down – Pinterest is seeing online sales increase (as is every other platform out there). So then how does Pinterest enable users to try something before they buy without having to go into the store?

You make the augmented reality tech readily available to the pinner. They get to give a product a test run without leaving the house.

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How to use Pinterest Try On for Home Decor

So then that leaves us with how do you use the feature first to understand how it all works. I strongly believe in seeing the features of the platform you’re marketing on through the eyes of the person using it. 

Before diving in, this is important to know – the Pinterest Try On For Home Decor feature is currently rolling out in the U.S. on iOS and Android apps and will be available globally in the future.

Basically, they use the US as a test market. Once all the bugs are worked out they will launch in other markets. I know that not having immediate access to new Pinterest features is frustrating for non-US-based Pinterest marketers!

For those of you who do have access, here’s how to use this feature:

  1. When browsing home decor products on Pinterest mobile, three dots will appear in the top right corner of “Try On enabled” pins.
  2. Click the pin and “Try in your space”
  3. Adjust and place the product in your space
  4. To shop – click the pin to be directed to the checkout page on the retailer’s site.

You can see it in action in this video. We don’t know yet how to become one of the partners with the ability to use this feature.

In order to stay up to date on Pinterest’s latest features as well as ask questions, we highly recommend you join the Pinterest Business Community. The creators community within the discussion threads is a great place to learn as well as find more information under the Product Spotlight about their latest features.

woman using Pinterest try on for home decor feature on the Pinterest app on an iphone.

Let us know what you think about this new feature by messaging us on Instagram . We’d love to learn more about you and your business. 

In the meantime, keep using Pinterest to grow your business!

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