It’s that time of year! We’re all a little more motivated to clean, get a fresh start, open the windows and let in all the fresh air.

This also applies to your marketing strategy! For Pinterest, it’s a great time to “spring clean”, get rid of the clutter, and take a few steps to freshen things up on your account.

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“Spring clean” your marketing strategy

In a recent podcast episode, Kate talked about the importance of regularly “auditing” your social media marketing strategy and how much time you spend on each platform. Often times, we can get stuck in a routine for months on end, without actually evaluating whether what we started doing is still working.

Where is your traffic coming from? How are people finding your site? If you’re spending hours and hours on Instagram, but all your traffic is coming from Pinterest, it’s time to reevaluate your hours spent.

Does your strategy serve your ideal customer, reader, or client? Are you creating content and Pin images that reflects your business and is attracting the type of customer or follower that is a good fit for what you provide?

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how to evaluate your marketing hours

Here at Simple Pin, we use Google Analytics to evaluate our marketing efforts. If Pinterest is our #1 traffic driver, we need to make sure our resources and hours are allocated appropriately to the platform.

In our most recent social media audit, we realized we were spending significantly more time creating content for Instagram, when IG was WAY down the list in terms of platforms that bring us traffic. So we changed things up!

It’s important to base these decisions on data, and not just what you FEEL is working (or what you prefer doing).

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the power of pinterest for business

We’ll assume Pinterest is a powerful traffic driver for your business (or you want it to be), since you’re here reading this post. So let’s talk about the potential of Pinterest as a part of your marketing strategy.

First of all, using Pinterest IS part of your marketing. We’ve heard from many people that they’ve pulled back from Pinterest to “focus more on their marketing”. But these are one and the same! Pinterest can be a very powerful tool to help your business reach your target customer.

Pinterest is a long game, as we’ve said hundreds of times in the past. It can absolutely bring you quality traffic and conversions, bringing you leads and customers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

It’s so important to create content that serves your user, and not just the Pinterest algorithm. Focus on what your target audience likes, what they’re clicking on and saving. Creating good Pin images for Pinterest is one of the most important ways to resonate with and capture the attention of your ideal person.

person sitting in front of laptop.

As a reminder, Pinterest is a long game. It can take 6-12 months to truly see results and know whether your efforts are working. But Pinterest users have shown time and time again to have higher purchasing intent than users on other platforms, because they’re looking for solutions. Not just mindlessly scrolling.

summary and action items

This episode covered a lot in a short time.

  • Use Google Analytics to look at your social traffic to determine where your audience is coming from
  • Assess how much time you’re spending on each platform and consider reallocating your time based on the results you’re seeing
  • Update your Pinterest account to make sure it reflects your brand, including the profile image, description, and board names
  • Focus on creating a mix of new content and updating old content
  • Remove the fresh pins language from your mindset, and focus on creating new pins that serve your end user
  • Analyze your data to see which Pins are performing the best and use that information to guide your content creation

If you take away just one thing from this episode/blog post, it should be this:

Does your Pinterest account serve your ideal customer or end user? Does your account reflect your brand in a way that tells your ideal audience exactly what you do and who you are as a business?

That’s Pinterest marketing in a nutshell.

We’d love to hear from you! Is Pinterest high on the list as a traffic driver for your business? Are you spending your social media time in a way that reflects your traffic? Leave a comment on this blog post or DM us on Instagram.

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