Today I’m going to be sharing the top reasons I LOVE Pinterest as a marketer.

As marketers, we sometimes forget why we started using a particular platform because we are so entrenched in the weeds. Sometimes we need to step back and remind ourselves what it’s like to be a user on the platform and not a marketer.

But before we dive into that, there are two really amazing ways to start going down the road of Pinterest marketing. If you are totally new, we have a four-week newsletter series all about how to get started. It will get you up and running and give you a solid foundation to build on.

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My assumption is that most of you who listen to the podcast are marketers. Because of this, you have an idea of why you need Pinterest to drive traffic to your product or site. (If you don’t, definitely check out the the newsletter series on getting started).

Pinterest is an amazing asset for driving traffic to your website.

5 Reasons I Love Pinterest as a Marketer

Without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons why Pinterest is awesome:

#1: The Snowball Effect

I love that when you pin something to Pinterest, it stays on the platform forever. It has the chance to be discovered by so many people that you would have never come in contact with otherwise. 

Sprocket Websites published a post in 2018 about the lasting effect of marketing content on different platforms. Compared to Youtube videos (which last 20 days), Instagram posts (which show up well for 21 hours), and Facebook posts (which have good visibility for 5 hours), Pinterest pins were the clear winner, with staying power of four months or longer.

Monica Froese talked about legacy pins in last week’s podcast episode. She defines these as pins that bring you good traffic month after month, year after year. I have a few of my own and I love them. They are constantly being shown to new people.

#2: Pinterest Sends the User to You

Pinterest, by nature, moves people off the platform increasing the chances they will buy, join your email, or revisit your site.

I know that people are worried about this after the IPO changes, but keep in mind the habitual behavior of the average pinner. They do use the platform to kill time. But they are also conditioned to click off the platform to put their ideas into action.

The benefit of this is that Pinterest is a great traffic-driver – both for paid and organic marketing. When I go onto Pinterest and search for things, I am constantly moving to different sites to check prices and different ideas. This is not the same relationship I have with Instagram.

#3: Pinterest is a Great Place of Discovery

Let me state the obvious – it’s a great place to discover new ideas!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to Google to find pretty pictures of the kitchen I want. I go to Pinterest. I need to see it before I take action on building my design.

This is what pinners love. They can build a virtual binder of limitless ideas.

Pinterest allows me to curate boards and discover new ideas. It is the “odd man out” of all other social media platforms. You can go in and discover whatever you want, without anyone talking to you. It is the introvert’s paradise!

#4: Pinterest is Easy to Master as a Marketer

Pinterest isn’t hard to master as a marketer.

I started out 6 years ago figuring out Pinterest and quickly realized that there was no trick to Pinterest. 

You have to figure out who your audience is and what they like. I love this part about Pinterest because there are no algorithm tricks. The big things about Pinterest don’t change – images, keywords, descriptions, etc.

You don’t have to be on a hamster wheel with Pinterest. The basic foundation that’s required to be successful doesn’t change that much.

#5: Pinterest Can Work for Almost Any Business

For the most part, Pinterest can be a really powerful tool for any business to get more leads and traffic. 

We published podcast episode recently about targeting local audiences and talked more about what kind of local businesses might not thrive on Pinterest. Pinterest can be an amazing lead generator for almost anyone.

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What do you love about Pinterest as a marketer?

I want to know what YOU think is awesome about Pinterest. There’s plenty of chatter about all of the frustrations that come along with marketing. I want to hear what you love, so make sure you leave me a comment.

For Further Listening/Reading:

Time Stamp:
2:33 – 5 Reasons that Pinterest is Awesome
3:42 – The Snowball Effect
7:12 – Pinterest Sends the User to You
10:12 – Pinterest is a Great Place of Discovery
12:16 – Pinterest is Easy to Master as a Marketer
17:59 – Pinterest Can Work for Almost Any Business

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