This summer we’re airing a story series for those who need a little break from all the Pinterest tips and tactics. For people who just need to listen to how others approach business and grew their platform. These are a series of business owners I’ve handpicked that I hope will inspire you (and me!).

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from food blogger to brand building

Joy Wilson is well known for her daily dabbles in butter and sugar as her blogging alter ego, Joy the Baker. Today she shares her story about what it was like when she started back in 2008, and how her business has grown throughout the years. From the days of Type Journal and recipe round-ups to a product line with Williams Sonoma, her baking brand has evolved.

What I love about her story is it models Joy’s growth, which was meandering and tumbling and moving along the way. It was never just about brand building, it was all about helping others learn to love baking.

“I encourage people like you to get into the kitchen and brown some butter. My whole business is basically a baking pep talk.”

woman in kitchen with spatula with text - "starting, growing, and sustaining a brand with joy the baker".

She also shares some advice on how she stays grounded and creative in her business. Including motorcycles and the Real Housewives.

Listen to the podcast and dive into her delightful story!


  • Did you intend for your business to grow to the size it is today?
  • What has been your greatest joy when it comes to running your own business?
  • What has been the hardest aspect to running your own business?
  • Anything that has surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

“I just started this as a curious person trying to teach myself a thing and now, I’ve worked through all that imposter syndrome into a place where I’m like “I can do this and I can teach it” – it floors me.”

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I love Joy’s approach to business and how everything is fueled by a curiosity and love for life and learning. She’s never read a business book, but loves to find things that will push her out of her comfort zone.

She tries to stay away from too much business input. She says it can really spin her up and make her competitive. Even with herself. Brand building is never her #1 focus.

“Just start where you are with no apologies, because that’s what you’ve got” – Joy Wilson

If you want to hear more from Joy, check out her website Joy the Baker or her collection of baking mixes at Williams Sonoma. You can also find her cookbook Over Easy: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Lazy Days, on Amazon.

Find her on Instagram @joythebaker or check out the summer issue of her magazine here.

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