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Last year, Nicole Culver of Blissful Eats started the Food Entrepreneur Summit to help bloggers move forward in their business. To help move them out of the space of overwhelm and in to the place of productivity. The summit brought together a host of powerful speakers that could teach on topics bloggers needed to know more about.

Conferences are an important tool in growing your business both personally and professionally. They give you content, information and provide the opportunity for face to face connections with people. The power of connection is priceless. The downside is they’re costly and require a lot of time to travel.

Don’t want to travel? You’re in luck! This year, Nicole is hosting the Food Entrepreneur Summit again January 4-12th filled with powerful masterclasses teachers.

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What makes this summit so awesome? 

  • Amazingly talented group of speakers all in one place.
  • No travel, especially if you’re afraid of flying. 🙂
  • Diverse topics + classes
  • Private Facebook group to get support

I know you probably have a lot of questions so let me help answer some of the most common ones.

Who is the Food Entrepreneur Summit for?

An entrepreneur in the food business (but Nicole says any business could benefit) who is near the beginning of their journey. It’s for those who have just started out and taken a few steps forward, but they aren’t seen major revenue yet. They are overwhelmed with social media and the “be everywhere” pressure. The summit if for people looking for community, connection, streamlined teaching that doesn’t add to that overwhelmed feeling but helps move them forward in their business.

It’s for the person who doesn’t have the time, money or desire to travel to an in-person conference. Someone who prefers learning in the comfort of their home or office.

How much does the Food Entrepreneur Summit cost?

People are afraid to spend money on their business, especially if they aren’t making much. Every penny and dollar counts. And they are afraid they may not get their money out of the course or conference. Our biggest fear really is failure. What if we take the course and nothing happens?

I get it but I want you to know that what’s inside the Food Entrepreneur summit is absolutely worth it. Nicole, just like you has been a struggling entrepreneur and wants to help bring together the best of the best speakers so you can get the full value out of the summit.

It’s important to note that attending a live conference well over $1000. Nicole has made the summit affordable and still packed with the same value.

Right now there are two self-study options — Just the recordings and then recordings + monthly support.

Why now?

We can drag our feet on building a business forever but dragging our feet doesn’t make money. The best time to renew goals, set expectations and get motivated is in January. Make 2017 your year to grow and get serious about your business. Make extra money for your family, figure out a system so you’re not working unproductive hours, and strive reach goals you never thought possible.

Just think of what could happen. What if, a year from now, you were able to earn a full time income from your blog? What if you could work from anywhere? How would your life be different?

Get a plan now to move forward in your business. Join me and the masterclass speakers in the Food Entrepreneur summit so we can reach new goals together. It’s time to get a plan and make it happen!

Get access now to the Food Entrepreneur Summit.

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  1. Hey Kate,

    It is really a interesting post with amazing topic and this summit have superb objective. Now-a-days, people doesn’t want to invest their precious money on unwanted subject but Food entrepreneur sounds great to spend little penny. Its starting ticket price is genuine so it can be great opportunity for interested one to make it hurry to save additional on ticket. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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