If you’ve ever thought about what it’s like to be a Pinterest account specialist, you’re going to want to listen in today as I share some tips and takeaways. I’m also sharing an opportunity for growing your own Pinterest account management business.

How I Built My Pinterest Marketing Agency – Simple Pin Media

In this episode, I’m not going to go through the history of how I built my company, Simple Pin Media, since I have gone deep into the story in two previous episodes.

If you missed those and you want to hear the whole story, from food stamps to hiring my first team members to where we are today (serving almost 500 total clients with over 120 current Pinterest clients and a team of almost 40), you can go back to episode 27, which tells my story from the very beginning. Next, head over to episode 62, where I go into detail about how I built my team here at Simple Pin.

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What Is a Pinterest Account Specialist?

Let’s begin today by defining terms. When I use the term Pinterest account specialist, I am talking about someone who immersed in organic pin management, promoted pins management, and/or consulting.

This can also include:

A Pinterest account specialist is a person who does some or all of the Pinterest marketing and/or creation for an individual or a business. 

Why do I use the term specialist? It’s simple really. I use that term because it perfectly describes what you do for clients.

I know that some of you refer to yourselves as a Pinterest VA, which is fine if you also provide other types of services.

But if you specialize in Pinterest marketing or management, I strongly encourage you to use the term, “Pinterest account specialist,” because you are specifically knowledgeable in this area and it’s what you have chosen to focus on for your specialization.

5 Facts You Should Know About Owning a Pinterest Management Business

I have five specific things I want to share with you when it comes to owning a business that is centered on Pinterest management:

#1- Know who you are in your business. I know that a lot of women get into this business the way I did – someone asks you to help with their Pinterest marketing. Maybe you’re a virtual assistant and a client asks you to work on their Pinterest account. After a while, you realize that now you have a business with a specialization in Pinterest marketing.

If you are going to continue in this business and be successful, it is critical that you understand how you work. My preferred method of figuring this out is to take one or more personality tests. Whether it’s the MBTI, Enneagram, DISC, Kolbe, and others, you can choose one or more assessments to learn more about yourself and what kind of business owner you will be.

#2- Systems are everything. If you don’t have good systems set up, or if you don’t adhere to the systems you have, you can count on things to break.

In years two through four of growing Simple Pin Media, the team often found ourselves describing our circumstances with this quote:

We’re building this plane as we fly it.

And while it might sound funny now, it really wasn’t funny then. Our systems were always changing and I never knew what we were doing from one month to the next as we kept changing things up.

If you don’t have experience serving multiple clients, you have to figure it out as you go along. You have to be willing to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Our mistakes taught us a lot and eventually we were able to set up the systems we currently have in place that keep our business running smoothly.

#3- Communication is key. As a business owner, you will be talking to people a lot. If you are a Pinterest account specialist, you will be talking to your clients on a very regular basis. The way you deliver words and the way your clients receive them is a huge piece of your business. Communication is so vital that it’s one of our core values here at Simple Pin.

Not only do you need to communicate with your clients, but you need to communicate clearly. I have made many mistakes in this area. Either I didn’t communicate clearly, or I thought I had communicated something and I had not.

As a Pinterest account specialist, don’t be afraid to over-communicate with your clients. Pinterest is a rapidly evolving and fluid platform. You will always need new images, information on promoted pins and ad spend, etc.

Clear communication makes your clients feel cared for, secure and makes them more likely to stick with you for the long haul.

#4- Marketing yourself will feel strange. If you’ve been working with clients in any capacity for a while, you’re probably used to being head down, at your desk, getting stuff done.

But to grow a business, you have to market yourself. And that can feel a bit like turning your back on your existing clients. Instead of giving them 100% of your time and effort, you now feel pulled in multiple directions at once.

And what do you tell others about yourself? And what if you struggle with imposter syndrome?

I’ll be totally transparent here, I still struggle with this. Here I am, with a hugely successful business, and I still struggle to share with others just how knowledgeable we are and how much we can offer to our clients.

I understand how weird it feels to market yourself, but you have to tell people what you’re good at, what you specialize in. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know!

#5- Scaling your company will cost you money and time. If you don’t have a system in place where you’ve already decided how much profit you need to make on each service you provide, it’s going to be difficult to determine how much you should spend on ads, how much you should invest in building a team, and how much money you need to take home.

Before you even start thinking about scaling, you have to know how much you need to make and how much time you are personally willing to invest in your growth. You also have to decide how big you want your business to grow.

In my Pinterest Agency Pro program where we train and coach Pinterest account specialists, we have 3 levels of learning:

Junior- those with 1-9 clients
Senior- those with 10-19 clients
Executive- those with 20+ clients

As you grow from one client to nine clients, you learn a ton about managing Pinterest accounts. Then as you grow on up to 19 clients, the growth curve really takes you to the next level.

As you start to grow, you need to decide how big you want to scale. Once you make that decision, you can then scale your company the way that feels right to you.

It does feel hard at first to give part of your paycheck to someone else. But once you start growing to 25 clients, then 50 clients, then 100+ clients, you begin to see that not only are you reaping the rewards of extra time and extra money, but you are also reaping the reward of providing those things for the people on your team.

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Are You Ready to Start Your Pinterest Management Business?

As of the airing of this episode, our Pinterest Agency Pro program.

Not only am I interacting with the group, but I also share real-time changes to the Pinterest platform.

In this program, I peel back the curtain on everything I am doing in my business so that you can see what it looks like to grow and scale a Pinterest management business. I hold nothing back. I literally walk you through every part of building a business, including every system and piece.

The Pinterest Agency Pro program is the most comprehensive program available for building a business as a Pinterest account specialist, created by someone who has done exactly that.

I’d love to spare you all of those build your plane as you fly it years as you grow your Pinterest management business.


  1. So Glad I found your podcast… Really ask about help understanding how to use Pinterest as an affiliate marketer without having to spend $ is there a way ?

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