Today we are tackling a basic but important question: What is a Pinterest ad? Sometimes we forget we need to go back to basics in our Pinterest marketing endeavors. We need to make sure we are asking ourselves if we truly understand something or if we’re just going along with the crowd. And to really make sure we understand the basics of Pinterest ads, and why they are important, Kate asked ChatGPT how it would describe Pinterest ads to a high schooler.

But before we jump into what ChatGPT has to say about Pinterest ads, Kate wants you to remember to have fun with Pinterest! People (us at Simple Pin included!) can get so rigid with their marketing plan that they end up getting lost. We make it too rules-based and we forget to have fun. Pinterest ads can be really fun, especially if you set aside a budget and time to learn and play around. Kate believes Pinterest ads can be a brand new way for you to find a fresh audience this year.

Now, let’s see if ChatGPT really does know everything…

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Basics of Pinterest Ads Taught by CHATGPT

It can be hard to get “back to basics” on something you have become an expert in. In reflection on the past 10 years with Simple Pin Media, Kate realized that while yes, we are experts on Pinterest, there are people who follow us who are not experts. They may not understand the value of Pinterest or the importance of it in their marketing plan. That realization is inspiring her to find fresh perspectives regarding the search and discovery platform this year.

Kate asked ChatGPT to describe a Pinterest ad to a high schooler. What it spit out was so creative and funny. She knew she had to use it on today’s podcast. You’ll find below what ChatGPT said with some additional tips from Kate for wading into the waters of Pinterest ads.

Eye-Catching Pictures

The first thing ChatGPT said about Pinterest ads is to picture them like cool posters that pop up while you’re checking out your favorite digital bulletin board, full of awesome ideas for things like fashion, food, and travel. Instead of boring text, these ads use super cool pictures to grab your attention. It could be a mouthwatering picture of a pizza, a stunning outfit, or a dreamy vacation spot. The idea is to make you go, “wow, I want to know more about that”.

Before going live with an ad, Kate recommends showing it to a couple other people first, and asking them what they think. Make sure it intrigues them and makes them want to know more.

Discover New Stuff

You know how you scroll through Pinterest to find fun ideas? Well, these ads sneak in there too, showing you things you might not have found on your own. They’re like little surprises introducing you to new stuff that matches your interests.

They Get You

Imagine the ads are like your friend who knows exactly what you’re into. They’re not random. They’re based on what you like and share on Pinterest. So if you’re into gaming, you might see ads for cool new video games. Ads are a gateway to connect with more people on a deeper level.

Click To Explore

Here’s the fun part – these ads aren’t just for looking, they have clickable parts (like buttons or links) that take you to a cool website, a shop, or a place where you can learn more. It’s like a direct path from the awesome picture to where you can get to know more about it.

Not Annoying, Promise

The best part? These ads don’t bug you or get in the way. They’re kind of like party crashers who join in smoothly without ruining the fun. They’re there to add to your Pinterest experience, not interrupt it.

In a nutshell, Pinterest ads are like posters that show up while you’re exploring, making your experience more exciting by showing the things you love and might want to check out.

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Pinterest Ads in 2024

Don’t overthink it. Don’t be so consumed with getting it right or wrong. Pinterest ads are really fun.

With all that said, they do take a little bit of time to learn. Don’t be discouraged by that. Play around. Do different things. It can be a great opportunity to grow your email list in 2024, sell more products in 2024, or simply get a new audience. If you are looking for a way to level up your organic Pinterest marketing this year, Pinterest ads might be your next move.

You are making a financial investment, so Kate encourages you to be smart with your money. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. But just try it. Start at a low dollar amount while you play around and learn how it works.

Pinterest ads can be intimidating, but if you remove the intimidation and just start, then you can lean into data. You can lean into exploring and you can decide how you want to leverage this really powerful arm of Pinterest marketing.

If you still don’t know if you’re ready to jump into Pinterest ads, Kate invites you to sign up for a FREE prerecorded training to help you answer that question for yourself: “Are you ready for Pinterest ads?” You’ll get it sent to you on January 22nd and can watch it anytime. Then on January 26th @ 10AM, we’re going to host a FREE Live Q&A on Zoom, where you can ask any and all questions about the training and Pinterest ads.

Make 2024 the year you dive into the world of Pinterest ads!

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