Blogging courses are a plenty and many of them are large investments. Before taking the plunge you’re faced with a series of questions — Are they good? Do they teach what I’m looking for? Do they offer a refund? How can this course transform my business or blog? Is it really worth investing in a blogging course when I can just do a bunch of online research?

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If you’re wondering WHY it’s important to invest in your business, keep reading.

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Here are five super-smart reasons to invest in a comprehensive blog course or membership.

Reason #1 — Step-by-Step Guidance

There is nothing more damaging to your business than lack of motivation or no detailed plan to keep moving forward. I’ve been there. You’re exhausted, tapped out of ideas and just plain burned out. You only participate in a few Facebook groups and there isn’t a detailed plan for execution that people are sharing. You’d rather just hide in your bed and binge-watch Netflix.

While Netflix is amazing (have you watched The Crown!, so good), it’s not going to make you money or build your email list. We have to put in the hard work and it’s better if we have a step-by-step framework helping us tackle one thing at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Reason #2 — Accountability

You hear about all these mastermind groups, one-on-one coaching, and accountability partners, but you just can’t seem to find any that fit for you or your budget. You need someone to walk with you through the step-by-step plan and ensure you get it done. Netflix is always calling and if you don’t get some accountability to complete tasks, your chances of doing them ‘someday’ decrease by the minute.

One-on-one coaching can be up to $1000/month. That’s not affordable for most bloggers. Our monthly membership site, the Simple Pin Collective, provides a structure that will keep you accountable, keep you motivated and offer ongoing support via an interactive Facebook group. For a fraction of the cost.

Reason #3 — Leadership

This is similar to accountability and needing a step-by-step plan, but slightly different. When you invest in your blog, you need to invest in the right leader. I work really, really hard at keeping the overall Simple Pin culture free of drama, free of crazy rabbit trails and focused on simple, actionable and reasonable tips and strategies.

Simple Pin has worked with over 500 Pinterest accounts, so we also have the data and experience to back up the teaching. You should invest in your blog with a leader that will encourage you to take big risks in order to see a big pay off.

If you’re new to the Simple Pin community and my teaching style, have a listen to this podcast all about having a Pinterest for Business Mindset. I talk about how I feel about the platform, what type of results to reasonably expect and how to avoid mass freak-outs about traffic tanking.

Reason #4 — Making Money

You’ve heard the saying, you have to invest money to make money. It’s true! The first time I invested in a course, I was so nervous that I would be wasting my money. That course propelled me forward in my Pinterest marketing and the investment paid off ten-fold when I did the work in the course.

There are TONS of free resources out there, but it can take a lot of time to sort and sift through what is actually worth paying attention to, what’s just a sales pitch trying to get you to buy, who actually has the experience and authority to be teaching what they’re teaching. Joining something like the Simple Pin Collective, you know you’re getting the experience, the leadership, the community AND a step-by-step guide to working your way to Pinterest success. And it’s affordable!

Making money on your blog has the power to transform your life. The extra income can help you pay off debt, travel, fund your retirement account or tackle those Bucket List items. Invest in your blog to get a return on that investment. Money in the mattress doesn’t grow.

Reason #5 — Community

This is an odd one but let me explain. When you’re a new blogger or someone who is just transitioning your blog from personal to business, you want the chance to talk with other people. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, knowing that someone else is in the same boat makes loads of difference to your morale.

The other part is that you can speak the same language without having to interpret. Most people outside the online work will not have a clue what you’re talking about and think you’re slightly crazy, but those within your community ‘get’ you.

The Simple Pin Collective community is strong, supportive, encouraging, honest and SMART.

What do you get with the Simple Pin Collective?

All the Pinterest marketing tips and strategies I have learned over the past few years (and already shared with you). But within the community, you will have a place for instant feedback after you implement, clear and concise calls to action for your business, and a great group of like-minded Pinterest marketers.

I’ll be teaching every single month, answering your questions and participating regularly in the Facebook community group along with admins and mentors I’ve hand-selected. The goal is for you to not just have the knowledge, but a way to learn AND time to take action. If you hit a roadblock while implementing, the team and I will be able to help you break through it. 

Ready to invest in your business with the Simple Pin Collective? Click here to join.


  1. Kate, thank you for the planner. I just downloaded it so I haven’t had a chance to look at it and need to get more ink to print it out. I look at Pinterest all the time, and even found that I have followers. I don’t pin on one subject, I started out pinning on things I researched and needed to learn about as a single Mom of three teens. Mine needs to be reorganized again but I enjoy the creativity I see on other accounts as well as how some have taken a pin I added and made something from it. Guys love the tools, electrical, plumbing etc. areas (I had to learn to fix everything in the home so pinned it, not aware that people would eventually follow me) I’m on fb but for personal reasons, using it as more of a training site as well as YouTube. I still have no idea about Twitting, but do look at the account I have from time to time. I’ve just started to learn WordPress, for my own personal use, and have actually retained a follower. I found that you need to know what people want to read, what they want to just hop onto your blog and find the answer to instead of searching for hours for the answer. I’ve homeschooled every year except 6-8 and there is little info out there for HS kids. I made a full 4 year curriculum which my son wants nothing to do with but have spent hundreds of hours researching, taking notes, finding sites to build it. Of all the platforms I enjoy Pinterest the most, but can easily find myself off track with so much information. I do the same when I Google a topic. Sometimes using Pinterest is easier to find an answer to a question than Googling it, especially if your looking for creativity. It’s become my favorite place to be to destress. Thank you again for the suggestions, Barbara

    1. I (obviously) share your love for the Pinterest platform as well. And TOTALLY get how you can easily “rabbit trail” once you go in to search a topic. It’s a blessing and a curse that there is so much info at our fingertips, and it’s so easily consumable in the Pinterest platform. Thanks for joining in the conversation!

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