If you’ve ever had a dream of growing a business but you’re scared to start, this episode is for you. I know that feeling all too well, and today I am sharing how I moved past it and the incredible growth that I’ve experienced in doing so.

200 Simple Pin Podcast Episodes!

I can hardly believe we have hit the 200th episode of the Simple Pin podcast! I am so blessed by you and by all the amazing guests I’ve had on this show since it started, way back in May of 2016.

I am also really about the guest I have on today’s episode. Leslie Samuel was my very first business coach and the one who convinced me to start this podcast. I was so scared! But it has turned out to be one of my favorite things I do.

Overcoming Fear in Business: Learn How to Do It Scared

Leslie and I chat about a lot in this episode, including what business coaching looks like, how to grow a business, what it means to push through when you’re scared, and how we wrestle through the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

I just have to share a direct quote from Leslie here because it perfectly sums up who he is and what he does:

I love to take people from, ‘Do you really think I can do that?’, to ‘Oh my word! 200 episodes!!

woman holding microphone. Text overlay "How the Simple Pin Podcast Got Started: Celebrating 200 Episodes".

You Can Do It!

Leslie loves working with people because he sees the potential in each person.

We are all full of potential. Unfortunately, we tend to get in our own heads and we convince ourselves that we can’t really do the things we want to do.

We tell ourselves that we actually don’t have what it takes to accomplish our goals and reach our dreams.

In his previous life, Leslie spent time as a biology professor. As he studied the human brain, he was amazed to observe what we are able to accomplish if we simply allow ourselves to move forward.

You truly can do whatever you set your mind to do.

Can You Make Money Online?

I started coaching with Leslie at the end of 2014. As I look back on that time, I remember feeling a ton of fear. I was even afraid to hire a business coach. But a friend of mine had been coached by Leslie and she told me I simply had to do it.

I asked Leslie to think back to that time and he remembers seeing the potential in me.

I already had a small business. I had clients who were paying me every month. It wasn’t huge and I wasn’t making much money, planted the seed to grow something that was viable.

Leslie firmly believes that:

if you’re already making money online, you’re miles ahead of people who are trying to make money online.

So, I had demonstrated that I had the ability to make money online, even though my business was still relatively small.

If you have people who are willing to pay you for something you provide online — whether it’s a service like I was selling or a product — then other people will also be willing to pay you for it.

Reaching Beyond My Comfort Zone

When I first began working with Leslie, I had around seven clients. And I was confused.

I had this group of clients who were paying me but, I had zero idea how to move forward or what to do next. And I had no systems in my business. I was basically flying by the seat of my pants every single day.

And so, the first six months were spent laying some necessary foundations in my business. We worked on systems. And then we worked on growth.

I remember reaching 20 clients, and I decided that was good enough for me and we could stop there. (Oh my goodness, I laugh about this now.) But Leslie wouldn’t let me stop. He kept pushing me to grow.

And when I reached 50 clients, I was really scared and unsure about growing past that.

And again, Leslie challenged me.

If you really want to build your business, you’ve got to go beyond where you are comfortable. — Leslie Samuel

Stay in Your Own Lane

One of the things I really struggled with as Leslie and I worked together was to stop paying attention to other peoples’ businesses. There were others in the Pinterest space who were growing their own businesses as I was growing Simple Pin, but they were using a different business model.

Whereas I was focused on clients, these other people were implementing a teaching model to build their business. And as I watched them launch courses and programs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, I started to swerve a little.

I wanted a piece of that action. Or so I thought I did.

But Leslie always steered me back to my own business model. I had a client model and I needed to continue to walk down the path of growth that I was building. I had to stay in my own lane and not look over at what those other folks were doing. Time to put my blinders on!

More Leslie Samuel wisdom:

When we compare ourselves to other people, and we do it too often, we set ourselves up to be disappointed.

What Are Your Goals?

Instead of comparing yourself to others, you have to figure out what your goals are.

When Leslie is coaching someone, he dives into their goals and fleshing out what is behind those goals. Next, he moves onto the thing that’s behind the thing that’s behind those goals!

He often finds that what we are really hoping to accomplish is far beyond the often superficial goals we set for ourselves.

One of my “the things that are behind the things” was my ultimate goal of service. I truly live to serve others. It’s the most important thing in my business and life.

I wasn’t interested in building this business just so I could make a certain amount of money; I wanted to serve more people and help more people who needed my help.

When you really focus on, ultimately, what you are trying to accomplish, then you are able to fully live into what you were created to do.

Why Coaching Is So Important

I get that hiring a business coach is a big decision and one that comes with a cost.

But here’s why I advise most people to do it and why I have continued to work with business coaches, even though I have grown Simple Pin into a much larger business than what it was when I initially hired Leslie:

A coach can see the other side of your business when you can’t.

Leslie could see the potential in, not only my business but in me. After working together for some time, we came to a mutual decision to stop our coaching relationship.

My family was in the middle of our fostering journey and Leslie was also in the middle of some personal stuff, so it made sense for both of us to step back.

And I’ll be honest, I spent the next year floundering, unsure of how to move forward.

I have found that coaching is a necessity for me. I have trouble seeing past the fog that is sometimes right in front of me to view the bigger picture on the other side. I believe that’s the true value of a good business coach.

Leslie has recently hired his own business coach (after quite a long search). What’s the rationale for a business coach to hire a business coach:

I know that if I don’t have someone pushing me, I’ll be just fine staying where I am. But because of the kind of person I am, I want to continue growing. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. And that’s not for me. — Leslie Samuel

Why I Started the Simple Pin Podcast

Let me be clear, I never had any intention of starting a podcast. Not when I started it, or ever. It was literally never on my radar.

What happened was that another Pinterest podcaster was shutting her podcast down and Leslie saw an opening in the space. He knew that because I had been working with clients for quite some time at that point that I had learned a lot about Pinterest.

Leslie was also involved in some high-level social media companies, and he could see that what was being taught about Pinterest wasn’t all there was.

Because of my ultimate desire to serve people, Leslie thought that sharing my expertise through a podcast was a great way for me to begin to give back, which was so important to me.

The podcast also offered me a way to connect with more people, and in a deeper way.


So, there was a prime opportunity wide open, and Leslie felt like I needed to jump on it. Was I convinced?


I went into the podcast kicking and screaming. As a high Fact-Finder on the Kolbe test, I felt the need to know “all the things” about starting a podcast.

I also discovered that building a business is a lot like raising kids: it brings out your greatest gifts and your biggest insecurities all at the same time. And that collision is uncomfortable.

I vividly recall pushing the launch date back multiple times. My husband hated the intro I recorded. I ended up getting Influenza B. And I was so, so worried about “getting it right.”

To be totally honest, I have never gone back and listened to that first SPM episode I recorded. I am slightly horrified at the thought that my writer is going to include a link to that first episode here, but if we can’t laugh at our first podcast episode, what’s the point? 😉

Building Intimacy Through Podcasting

There have been so many amazing benefits from creating this podcast, both for me personally and for my business:

• People hear my voice and connect with me.
• That connection builds trust and has grown our client base.
• Our community has grown.
• I have honed my teaching skills.
• Even in my solo episodes, I feel an intimate connection to my listener.

It’s interesting because I’m not talking to someone face-to-face when I record a podcast, nor am I looking at myself in a screen like I do when I do video, I find myself much more apt to think about the person on the other end than I do when I’m creating a video.

This unique aspect of podcast creation has built what I would call a true “heart connection” between me and my audience.

Sharing with Listeners

A podcast is not only a teaching tool; it’s a way for us to share our lives with others.

You all have walked with my family through our foster parent journey, and you have reached out to share with me your own experiences. That has meant the world to me and to my family. We feel heard, and realize others understand what we have been through.

Leslie shared with me how, so often, when he meets people at conferences, they ask about his kids or his wife. They ask specific questions because they feel as though they know his family through his podcast.

And yet, nobody comes up to him and comments on a post he has written or how much one of his articles helped them.

Podcasts allow you to share yourself with your audience in a way that other mediums don’t.

woman holding a microphone.

Is Anybody Listening?

So, here I am at 200 episodes in. And Leslie has recorded nearly 400 episodes of his podcast, Blogging with Leslie

We must have it all figured out, right? We must be completely secure in our efforts, knowing how many lives we’re impacting, right?

That would be a hard no.

Even at this point, sometimes we still wonder, “Is anybody listening?”

And then, an email will come through and someone will thank us for helping them to relax about whatever they were stressing over that our latest episode addressed.

Or somebody will leave a review on iTunes telling others how helpful our podcast has been for them.

Podcasting doesn’t lend itself to immediate feedback. There is no way to leave a comment on a podcast. (You can leave a comment below though!)

Leslie believes that whoever is listening to this podcast right now has the ability to change the world. And you do that by serving, by helping people. You do that by creating content that can have an impact on someone’s life. It’s amazing what we are able to do when we have focus, and we go for it.

I could not have accomplished what I have accomplished here at Simple Pin without the help of Leslie Samuel. I am so grateful that he could see the other side of my business when I couldn’t, and that he pushed me to keep moving forward.

I’m going to continue to show up and provide value for you, my audience.

And if you’ve listened to this podcast and you think you’re ready for business coaching, go to Become a Blogger and fill out the form. Be sure to mention that you heard Leslie on my podcast!

If Leslie thinks you’re a good candidate for his coaching, he’ll give you a FREE 90-minute coaching session. In this 90 minutes, he’ll do a deep dive into your goals and dreams. Deeper than you can imagine. (Warning: you might cry.)

I hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing offer. I can promise you, you’ll get more out of that 90 minutes with Leslie than you might expect.

And one last thing, if you’ve listened to every single one of these 200 episodes, please email me and let me know! I appreciate you all so much and I hope you’ll continue to stick around for more episodes of the Simple Pin podcast.

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  1. Congrats on 200 Episodes Kate! Episode #200 is actually my favorite of all the podcasts…listening to the awesome story about how the SPM podcast was born!

  2. Hi Kate. We’re listening! You are the global expert on Pinterest. I listen to your podcasts at the gym, on the sofa, in bed, and any time I want to procrastinate from doing something but not feel guilty for wasting time… so you can imagine I’ve listened to A LOT of them. Congrats on #200. I will say this is my favorite because it gives us all encouragement to move forward and not compare our results to others.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks so much for being a long-time listener. And I’m happy to help with that procrastination 🙂

  3. My favorite episode was a recent one, 192! It was so interesting to see how any business can use and grow Pinterest to their advantage even if it takes a bit more out-of-the-box thinking! I even connected with Nicole on LinkedIn and have loved to see what she’s doing for her real estate business!

    1. Her tip about images without text getting more engagement AND the engagement she was getting through DM’s and emails from her pool images, was so cool. She’s an amazing woman, I’m glad you connected.

    1. Tina is so happy about that! She studied those extensively and still loves them for our clients.

  4. Hi Kate, I think I have listened to all of your podcasts! I started following you about a year ago and binge listened until caught up! I actually have a list of ones I go back to and share with others because they have been so helpful!
    Thank you so very much!

    Creating a great pin


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    To before you start pinning


  5. Congratulations, Kate! I can’t remember when I found your podcast (maybe a year ago), but when I did, I binged so many of the episodes. I love all of the amazing value you give to your listeners and I’m so happy you listened to your coach and started this podcast. You are a gift to all of us who are trying to grow our Pinterest accounts or grow our service-based businesses with Pinterest services. My favorite episode is #166 – Creating a Pinterest Strategy for Etsy. This episode came along at the exact right time because I had started managing an account for an Etsy shop and had no idea what to do. It was so helpful and because of that episode I also started following Tara Jacobsen, who is simply amazing. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Love Tara! I’m so glad that episode was helpful and that I’ve been helpful in helping you with business.

  6. This one is my favorite of all 200 because it has two of my favorite people in it!!

    Huge congrats on 200 episodes, Kate. You’re the best!!

  7. Hi! And congratulations on your 200th episode! I have to say that you’re one of my favorite podcasters. I love that just about every episode is full of actionable items.

    Your newsletters too. I don’t read them all right away – actually I have a little bit of a back log. But I save them in a special SPM folder so I can take the time to read each one.

    With that said, episode 164 on visual search with Jennifer Priest was the most life changing for me.

    I make Excel tutorial content and had some success with gif pins. But that episode made me begin to see the images differently.

    I started incorporating more “Excel green” on the images and pictures of the spreadsheet where possible – with enough area that it could be recognized as an Excel spreadsheet. And guess what? It’s been working!

    I otherwise suck at images. One day, when I can afford to, I’m really looking forward to reaching out to your team about pin creation. Because do I need it!

    Anyways, congrats again and please keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve taught me so much and have had such an impact in my Pinteresting. I’m certain you’re making a big difference for a ton other people too!

    1. Way to take action on that episode! And to have it work so well for you. We’re happy to help with pin creation at any time. Also, we have consults with our creative director that you can hire us for at any time. We would love to help 🙂

  8. This was such an inspiring message! I love that you love to serve and using that as motivation makes you unstoppable! I feel like sometimes I become complacent in my business journey and I stop moving forward. Leslie said, if you aren’t progressing; you are dying. Powerful words!

    Congratulations on all of your successes! I can’t wait to continue following you on this journey. Thank you for your time and message!

  9. Hi Kate!

    How exciting that you have reached your 200th episode! I can still remember the exact day I found your podcast and how it completely changed my world! I was super new into blogging, within my first few months and I just remember how overwhelmed I had felt with all there was to know. I had bought a few blogging courses and heard about podcasts (because at that time I’d never even listened to a podcast) and so I just typed pinterest into search on apple podcasts and you showed up. I remember listening and learning more about pinterest than I ever had up to that point and by the end of that week I had listed to every single one of your episodes and some more than once! It was an absolute game changer for me and I so appreciate all the help you provide! I would not be where I am on my blog today without you!

  10. Huge congrats Kate! What you’ve accomplished is awesome.

    I’m not a podcast listener (read almost every blog post tho!) but had to listen to this one. Well done!

    Here’s to many more podcasts, clients, Collective members, and whatever else you set your mind to 🙂

    1. I’m Kate’s writer so thank you for commenting! I’m happy to know the posts are helpful for you!

    2. Thank you!!! And you were the reason I started putting them into blog posts. I appreciated that feedback as it’s been so helpful for my community and for google!

  11. I am totally new to Pinterest and Simple Pin Media so I haven’t listened to many episodes yet, but I plan to go back and listen to them all, they have been so helpful for a Pinterest newbie! This episode is probably my favourite because I’m just in the awkward in between time of starting a business as a side hustle and trying to get to the point where I can quit my job and go full-time. It’s so inspiring to hear from other people who were scared but kept going to build a successful business. It makes me think then maybe I can do it too!

    1. You CAN do it! It’s scary at first, and sometimes scary in the middle, but the pay off is big.

  12. Congrats on the 200th episode! There are SO many that I’ve loved, taken pages of notes on and applied to my own client’s Pinterest accounts. Without this podcast, I truly do not think I would have the knowledge needed to manage Pinterest accounts. Some of my favorites are the ones about creating a Pinterest strategy for a certain niche or business (such as Etsy), as well as any discussing analytics, because it is so helpful! Episode #192 with Nicole Mickle was bomb!! I learned SO much about Pinterest for Real Estate, and actually just met with a potential real estate client. If I didn’t have that episode, I would not have had the confidence to even consider having the conversation with her! Not to mention, I totally wanted to be Nicole’s friend after listening – she seems like a very awesome person. One more – #199 just blew me away too – SO incredibly helpful to witness that coaching call!! Thanks so much for all that you do, Kate and SPM team!!

  13. Hi Kate, congrats on episode #200! I’ve been listening for longer than I can remember. It’s so hard to choose just one as a favorite. This last one was really good, it was great to hear your journey with a coach, as I’ve thought about this a lot.

    I also really like episode 154 about optimizing old content. I’ve been using this year to revamp some of my original blog posts that I wrote when I first started in 2017.

    I met you in person at the first EBA Activate conference (I chose you as my hotspot). I wish it was longer than the quick 10 minutes but appreciated the advice even back then!

    Thanks for always giving us the best info when it comes to Pinterest and blogging!

    1. Those 10 minutes felt like rapid fire!! I am so glad you’ve hung around and continued to listen. And you’re hard at work updating.

  14. Congrats on 200 episodes! I really loved Ep. 130, How to Create a Pinterest Strategy that Works for You! Thanks for all the helpful content!

  15. Congratulations! This was a fantastic episode but my favorite episode is #190 Fresh Pins on Pinterest: Creating a Strategy!

  16. Kate,

    I’m gobbling up all your podcasts!

    Some have been useful for putting together my own Pinterest strategy. While others have been good for inspiration to know what is possible with Pinterest.

    It’s been less than 6 weeks since I implemented my self-made Pinterest strategy, and I’ve gone from 2k monthly impressions to over 110k (plus 150% increase in click-throughs).

    I’ve still got a lot to learn and work on. So keep bringing on the awesome content. I’m here listening!

    Tansy xx

  17. I love the Simple Pin Media! I was a total newbie to Pinterest and the lockdown made me really want to expand my business’s social media presence, and that means Pinterest! I think one of my favorite episodes was #190, about fresh pins. But I’ve really enjoyed all the episodes I’ve listened to!

  18. BIG congratulations on your 200th episode!! I love all your episodes as they’re all so helpful, but Episode 200 is easily my favorite because I really got to learn about you and how you got started in your business. I loved Leslie Samuel’s ultra-positive energy too! It’s funny, I’ve been in a rut of self-doubt, and this episode was just what I needed. Listening to you and Leslie talk about how we need to stop convincing ourselves that we can’t do the things we want to do, and that we’re all full of potential, I gathered up the courage and purchased the food photography course that I’d been wanting to enroll in for months. After months of overthinking, it feels really good to end self-doubt and negative thinking and move towards believing in my full potential! THANK YOU!! I truly appreciate you and your podcast!

    1. That makes my heart burst! So proud of you for buying that course and jumping into it all. I’m happy that we could encourage you.

  19. Hi Kate, congratulations on your 200th episode! Absolutely amazing. I think this episode is actually my favourite as it is a celebration of all you have achieved. I listened to it while on my 6am walk this morning and it has really set me up for the day. I started my little Pinterest business last year and it just started going when Covid-19 hit. I am working hard on advertising my business but it is hard going so your podcast this morning was just what I needed! What you have set up since 2014 is what I aspire to (maybe a little smaller) . So I will keep working hard every day until the ball starts rolling again. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  20. I love episode #65: Creating Pinterest Images that Capture the Pinner’s Attention! But honestly, it’s so hard to remember each episode individually. I just know that I get some value from each and every episode, and I recommend the podcast to all marketers and bloggers who are interested in Pinterest 🙂

  21. THANK YOU for creating all 200 podcast episodes, each one has such valuable information! There are way too many great episodes to pick just one favorite, but the episodes from 2019 will always be remembered as those are the ones that have really shaped how my business has grown. Applying the simple and practical methods you explain in such a caring and calm way have had a huge impact on my food blog (and my life!). I’ve learned so much and grown in a way I didn’t know was possible. Thank you for putting your heart into each episode and sharing everything you know 💕💕

  22. Congratulations on the #200 episode! I am so glad I found you and have been eagerly soaking up all your business and pinterest advice. My favorite and most useful podcast so far is episode #166 Creating a strategy as an Etsy seller. As I am a product seller and not a blogger this gave me loads of pragmatic advice to take forward into my own pinterest strategy. Thankyou!

  23. I enjoy almost every podcast (even the ones that don’t apply to my business, because your voice is so soothing lol…and I learn so much about Pinterest and business in general. Plus my toddler likes to jam to your intro music!).
    But since I have to pick a favorite, I constantly think back to the one where you interviewed the girl from Wholefully about creating great images. It was so eye-opening to me that SIMPLE graphics and text can be good! So many amazing tips in that one – now I want to go back and listen to it again. 🙂


    I discovered your podcast a few months ago and it has changed my Pinterest world. I’m new to Pinterest and everything I have learned has been through the Simple Pin Podcast. Thank you!

    My favorite one is #187 Video Pinterest. I started creating video pins after listening to it and it has been amazing!!

  25. I love all your episodes, Kate! I’m been going through and catching up as I just started listening a couple months ago. My favorite is #166 about Creating a Pinterest Strategy for Etsy. I’ve just started an Etsy shop recently and found this to be really helpful. Thanks so much!

  26. I loved 200, but I think my favorite might be the one where you talk about your foster experience. It’s just so raw – and so amazing that it all happened behind the scenes of growing your business.

  27. 200 episodes of pure gold! Kate you are the most resourceful Pinterest guru out there keeping current with top trends and best practices. Thank you for helping us DIY our pinterests and heping grow our brands!

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    BTW…I SO love your intro…I do a little dance each time I hear it…”You’re listening to the SPP…Pinterest for business advice that goes down smooth and easy. Here’s your host, Kate Ahl.” Lol!!

  29. Congratulations on 200 episodes! I’m a long term follower/listener and listen to your podcast every week consistently. There are a lot of great episodes but one that stands out for me was the episode with Kate Doster (Pinterest to Paypal in 3 minutes flat). I also really enjoyed the recent episode with Danny from Tailwind as well as this one with Leslie Samuel from an inspirational/entrepreneurial perspective.

  30. Congrats on this incredible journey (and for helping all of us along!)

    My favorite episode is one of the more recent ones on Fresh Pins. Amidst a sea of confusion, I’ve found that episode to be quite clarifying, and has helped me rethink my Pinterest strategy without going crazy!

  31. I love listening to your podcasts. My favorite would happen to be #184 Google and Pinterest SEO. I learned SO much in that episode!

  32. Congrats on #200!!! Such a huge accomplishment!

    #177 – Why Pinterest Analytics should be defining your Pinterest Strategy

    This one had so many ah-ha moments for me. It really helps piece a few things together that I wasn’t connecting in my strategy.

  33. Hi Kate,
    I’ve only just started listening to your podcasts & the favourite one would have to be your #200 with Leslie Samuel. I could listen to his voice all day. I love the bit where you mentioned hiring a coach, how they are another set of eyes for your business. I don’t think I would have got much done without my coach pushing me.

  34. Someone recommended SPM for Pinterest and blogging info. I am so glad I found you. I am a product seller that recently decided to document some important life changes. (Debt & Weight)

    Often I am censored on the socials because I am a sweary, rebel mom. I needed a way to get the word out about my brand and share my life lessons with others to help them.

    When I was researching, I couldn’t find what I needed so I decided to try it for myself and share this information along the way. I am blazing a trail in becoming Debt Free (Debt Free by 43 & Losing 150 pounds + trying to fill loose skin with muscles/exercise). Major life changes over here. I needed a way to tie my product/brand to my content. A way to drive traffic. It is a slow progress but I am getting there.

    The changes I made to my Pinterest account have made improvements already just by doing a few of the things on the freebies.

    I’d say #166 – Creating a Pinterest Strategy for Etsy was one of the first episodes I listened too. It helped me realize that blogging is helpful in many ways. Since then, I have come to realize I actually, REALLY love writing! Thank you!!

    1. Way to set a big goal. As someone who is debt free I can tell you that it’s amazing freedom. Good luck on both of your goals and I hope your business grows tremendously.

  35. Kate! I have learned so much from listening to your podcasts! I still have so many more to go through. My fav. so far is #163. I feel like it helped me focus on what exactly I need to do for my business. It has so great links to other episodes like keyword research! Thank you for the time you have spent helping so many people learn how to utilize Pinterest for their business! PS. congrats on 200 podcasts! I really enjoyed listening to 200 and I could really use a coach one day to help me believe that my business can be a success and grow into something really great!

  36. What an amazing giveaway! I can’t believe I have been listening for 200 episodes! My favorite episode is creating a Pinterest strategy for Etsy.

  37. How to pick just one, are you kidding?!!! There are too many helpful Podcasts and I’m so grateful that I found you. I guess the one that spoke the most to me recently was – #194 – Pinterest Settings Audit – How to Adjust Your Account Settings Thank you for always sharing!

  38. I loved the episode about video pins. I was just planning on ignoring them until I listened to that episode. Now I have a few ideas to try

  39. I just loved the most recent episode, no 200! I am about to build up a pinterest business with clients similar to yours in Germany and it was very helpful for me to find out how you got it all started!

    Would love to be part of the collective!

  40. If I could figure out how to leave a review on Apple Podcast I’d give you a BIG 2 THUMBS UP! I love being able to find trustworthy advice on how to use Pinterest for my blog. Congrats on Episode #200!

  41. My favorite podcast episode is 130 How to create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy That Works for You.
    Having a plan makes all the difference.
    Picking one podcast as a favorite is hard because I love them all.

  42. I learn something from almost every episode, but I have 2 favorite episodes: #121 Pinterest Marketing for Weddings and #126 Changing Your Blogging Mindset. I’ve saved both to turn back to for notes.

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  44. Thank you for this post! This January my coach/ mentor turned friend, passed away from colon cancer. I started second guessing myself and I froze in my business and wasn’t really sure if I was ready for a new coach. So this really is what I needed to hear to move past my comfort zone and find a coach to get me back on track! 💗

    1. I’m so sorry for that loss 🙁 Find that coach, you’ll gain new hope and dreams for the future. Grief is so hard and sometimes we need to sit in it for a while before we’re ready to move forward.

  45. My favorite podcast episode was the first one I listened to – #157 – How to Create the Best Boards in Pinterest because it was such an “aha” moment for me. Up till then, I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do with Pinterest with regard to my blog. This episode led me to other episodes and opened my eyes to the “business” of Pinterest.

  46. Congratulations on 200 episodes! I have loved every episode I have seen (up to 189) and can’t wait until I’m all caught up! Kate is a Pinterest expert and her podcasts are so full of information. If you want to understand and thrive with Pinterest you need to watch these podcasts. I can’t thank her enough for all of the helpful content! She is the best! ❤️

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  49. Cheers to 200!!! Even though we have never met I love listening to your podcast you are totally inspiring….not just in business but how you lead your life. Looking forward to listening to the next 200!

  50. Hi Kate!
    I am a newbie to Simple Pin Media and have been poking around the edges soaking in as much as I can. Congrats on your 200th podcast! I am relatively new to online business (shifting from a successful real estate career to my online business that will give me wings to fly whereever my heart takes me ❤️) and I am so excited to learn more about the world of Pinterest! I am ready to live my life by terms and hearing you talk about successfully growing your business gets me super excited! I think I will go back to your first few episodes now and check them out 😉. Amy

  51. My favorite episode is #65: Creating Pinterest Images that Capture the Pinner’s Attention. The tips in that episode, coupled with Simple Pin’s Canva templates have contributed to the success of my pins in the past year!

  52. My favorite episode is #184 – Leveraging Pinterest SEO and Google SEO to Increase Traffic. I love the episodes that talk about using data to make your business better.

  53. Congratulations on 200 episodes! I think my favorite episode is #154 – How to Optimize Old Blog Content for Pinterest. This year has been difficult for me to create much new content, but I have years of old content I have been updating and re-optimizing for Pinterest. I am still able to keep my blog afloat while not stressing as much about needing to constantly push out new content each week. (But really, I have loved every episode. Your podcast is one of my favorites to listen to about business!)

  54. I love your podcast. It was so hard to choose my favourite episode since I find they are all so useful. If I have to pick I’d say #159 – why I will never give you traffic fast strategies. I help women lose weight using a slow and steady approach and I like that you apply the same principles to Pinterest, slow, steady, and not gimmicky.

    Congrats on episode #200! You almost convinced me to start a podcast.

  55. Hi Kate – a big congrats on 200 episodes! What an accomplishment.
    I am a newbie and have tons to learn. My favorite podcast episode so far is Episode 161: Pinterest Story Pins 101. Thanks for all the info!

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  59. Hello!!
    I am very excited to have discovered your very useful information and podcast. Thank you so very much, Kate and team, for all the value you deliver and inspiration you are providing me. Very grateful

  60. I loved the episode totally. I would have loved to enter your giveaway but I am not on apple.
    Anyway I loved this episode with Leslie. Thanks to you 2 now I will keep to my lane. Stop looking at more successful bloggers .

  61. My favorite episode is episode #150! What could be better than a chat between my two Pinterest idols! I now offer promoted pins as a service, and I love hearing Kate and Monica discuss this topic on the podcast. It really helped me understand what promoted pins are, and how I can help better serve my clients by offering it as a service! It’s almost too hard to choose just one episode as a favorite though, they are ALL amazing!

    1. Very cool!! Offering those services are tough so keep on pressing forward and learning all you can.

  62. Hi Kate. Congratulations on completing 200 episodes. My favorite episode is 191 – Pinterest Marketing During Crisis times. Hope you can make fun podcasts as long as you wish for 🙂

  63. Kate! This was so fun to listen in on and hear that even business owners I look up to struggle with fear and comparison. Congrats on 200 episodes!!! I am so grateful I found you and your wisdom. Here’s to 200 more!

  64. I don’t know if you check comments later but I wanted to thank you for this episode – I’m a brand new Pinterest manager, and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. After listening to your story and hearing all of Leslie’s encouraging words, I really feel like I can do it. Thank you for sharing your journey and I look forward to listening to the other 198 episodes I haven’t heard yet 🙂 From one Kate to another, congratulations on all you’ve done so far and you’re 200 episodes!

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