The Simple Pin podcast has grown so much this year. We started the year with around 600 downloads on the day it goes live and now we’re up to over 1200! In total, since inception, we’re at 300,000 downloads! Thank you so much for all your support, sharing and tuning in to the Pinterest marketing tips I share each week.

I did a little digging and created a list of the top five Simple Pin podcasts from 2017 based on number of downloads. But after looking deeper I realized the episodes answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Pinterest marketing. For that reason, it’s worth being in the top 2017.

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The Top Simple Pin Podcasts of 2017


#1 How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Plan

This was one of the most requested topics in the Simple Pin Facebook group. How do you wrap your brain around Pinterest marketing and set it up to run effectively? I decided to answer that question right at the beginning of 2017. Alisa, my guest, and I talked about what to do daily, weekly and monthly for you Pinterest marketing plan. A great episode for both the newbie and the novice pinner.

#2  – How to Keyword on Pinterest

During this year, more than the previous, we were reminded that Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media site. The goal is to match pinners with the keyword searches they are entering into the search bar. It’s no longer just about pretty images but getting in front of them by keywording your pin descriptions effectively. We made sure to add a free keywording checklist to this post so you could print it off and have on hand while creating content.

#3 Using Pinterest to Boost a new Blog

Chrissa’s story is incredibly inspiring to those just starting out with a new blog. Kristie Hill, her blog coach, talked about how she walked Chrissa through each step of the process and grew her followers to over 21,000 and Pinterest driving over 50% of her blog traffic. Facing her fears, creating graphics and putting the right systems in place helped to make Chrissa’s leap into blogging one of great success.

#4 Keyword & Image Secrets inside Pinterest Analytics

This one took off like wildfire! After saying how much I disliked Pinterest analytics in a previous episode, Monica rocked my world by helping me see that Pinterest analytics does have a purpose. The purpose is discovering keyword and image secrets to help you know what’s working and not working.

#5Capturing the Pinner’s Attention Through Images

It’s no secret that I love the images Cassie creates for her blog Wholefully. The engagement they get has has helped boost her site tremendously over the last 2 years. What I love about this episode is that she teaches very practical tips for creating your own Pinterest images. Not everyone has a knack for images (including me!) so I love that she shared some tips for those just starting out. You won’t have to be an artist, just smart about how you’re creating images that capture the pinners attention.

What’s your favorite episode from this year’s Simple Pin Podcasts? Make sure to let us know in the comments. 

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  1. If I would’ve known back then what I know now about Pinterest and the amazing benefits of Pinterest for business, I would’ve been deeper in the Pinterest marketing trenches when they first came on the scene.

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